Don’t you wish we could end every month with a beautiful baptism service?  There was no better way to usher out the month of May than by joining together with a neighboring community of believers, and welcoming 11 brothers and sisters into the baptism of Jesus Christ.  Surely, the Spirit of God is working in our hearts and minds to prepare us for even more worship and praise to come.

As ever, for lyrics, chord sheets, or recordings of any of the worship songs we lift up in praise together, please feel welcome to speak with or contact any member of our Worship Team.

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It’s late and it’s been a long day, but in case you were waiting by your computer with bated breath, refreshing your browser over and over again to see if a recap of NHF’s day at the Westchester County Asian American Heritage Festival had been posted, here’s a little tidbit.  (When we’ve all slept off our fresh-air tiredness, we’ll post some pictures too, and perhaps some quiplets from those who joined us to spend the beautiful day together.)

Before anything else is said, glory & praise must be lifted up to God for the incredible opportunity for NHF to get out there and represent, before our immediate community, the expression of our Christian faith as an integral part of the Asian-American journey.  Thanks also to our brothers of the Men’s Ministry for doing all the hard work, all the little but significant things that are always taken for granted but should never be.  And finally, God bless Weijing for his infectious love for our community, his unending enthusiasm to motivate us together for this day, his deep desire for all to come to know Christ, and his encouragement to us to play a vital role in being Christ’s ambassadors.

A short but wonderfully touching reflection from Weijing, after the jump …

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We’ve just received a note with some praises & prayer requests, from our friends D. & J.  Please lift them up this week:

  • T. Keller. is there right now, to meet with 8 urban house-church leaders to “explore a strategic mission global partnership between two urban intellectual centers.”  Keller will also meet with 25 young leaders to train & empower them on the issue of church-planting among urban intellectuals.  Please pray for safety, trust, vision and follow-up.
  • The consulting business / language school was recently fined approximately $700 USD for a recent legal / immigration infraction.  Rather than fight this fine in court (and face the great potential of this business being shut down), they have decided to pay the fine, resolve the case and move forward in power & grace.  Praise God!
  • They are looking forward to early June’s Lausanne International Leadership Meeting in Seoul.  3 of the country’s top house-church leaders will be meeting world Evangelical leaders for the first time!
  • They are also hoping to bring 10 Young Leaders to Urbana 2009 (taking place in St. Louis, MO, at the end of the year).

Chalk Up Another …

May 26, 2009



NHF Softball went from a 25% to a 40% winning percentage at 7pm on Sunday evening by outworking Chodae 21-13 at the Sleepy Hollow H.S. in Tarrytown.

Down 3-7 going into the 5th, NHF resisted the temptation to swing and waited patiently for Chodae’s pitcher to throw strikes. The strikes failed to come and NHF’s batters galloped to the free bases. With Dennis on 2nd and James at 1st, the strong bats of Ken, Paul, and David powered the runners around the diamond and home for some scores. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s not too late to still be thinking, praying and deciding about being part of U09, this year’s trip to our sister church, New Hope Church, in Kremenchuk, UA.

Please see Robert N., and/or Cathy C. for more details; the sooner the better!

  • Trip Dates: July 21 – 31 (Tue. – Fri.)
  • Weekly training: begins Sunday, June 7

Find decision-making help after the jump …

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If you put the April/May 2009 baby arrivals up against the April/May performance of the NHF Softball Team …well, the moms sure are delivering.  (Pun fully intended; comparison made to simply urge NHF Softball to bring it all home for U09!)

Jimmy, Jenny and Jason are happy to welcome the newest member of their family: Katharine (Katie) Ehwa.


She arrived at 12.12a this morning, weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs/2 oz, and measuring 20.5″ long.  All four of them are doing great.

Jenny & Katie will be at Phelps Memorial Hospital through Saturday; please call first, before making plans to visit.

Please join us next Friday, May 29th, for indoor rock climbing and dessert.

6:30 pm – Meet at “The Cliffs” in Valhalla

9:30-10:00pm – Head to Jen C.’s home for dessert and possibly “Slumdog Millionaire”

RSVP with Will and/or John.