We’ve moved back to afternoon Worship, and winter is nigh!  Where did the year go?!  It passed on the wings of our worship to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and what a joy it’s been to praise Him together!

As always, please feel free to ask any Praise-Team member about guitar tabs, lyrics, and mp3s of the praise songs we sing together . . .

Sunday, October 31:

  • Let Your Kingdom Come
  • No, Not One
  • O, the Wonderful Cross
  • Where the Love Lasts Forever
  • This is Our God
  • The Stand

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As of Sunday, October 31 . . .

Dear friends,
After receiving our last email and print newsletter, many of you wrote with encouraging comments. We’re glad to know that you are following our updates. We’ll do our best to keep communicating about our work. Please keep pr’ing for the OT stories in the Bridge language and for the Bridge people who read or hear them.
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Could this be an encouraging word for our community, too?

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s a buzz in the northeastern air.  Tarrytown is covered in cobwebs and scarecrows, and seasonal costume shops are appearing out of nowhere to remind us that the holiday is just around the corner.   As a child, Halloween was among my favorite holidays, but as a Christian, it has often been difficult to know how to reconcile it with my faith.   For many years Amy and I have wrestled to understand whether or not participation in this seemingly dark and, at times, demon-esque holiday is fitting for our family.   Many Christians have felt the same tension, and in recent years, numerous American churches have decided to provide church-run alternatives for the community.

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As of October 11, 2010 … the Shouwang Church’s Open Statement on Lausanne …

Participants from China invited to the Lausanne World Congress are currently under much pressure and have been stopped.  We believe Lausanne has the Lord’s leading and His providential good will as it will move the church in China to become one and grow in maturity.  Through Lausanne, God will bring the church in China to “rise up and shine!” becoming “salt and light” to bless China.

As a result, Shouwang church is grateful for our 12 brothers and sisters (8 participants and 4 volunteers) who are privileged to be a part of Lausanne.  We beseech the Lord to lead them through this journey peacefully and successfully.

We pray for China’s participants to have a heart of “resolution, openness and togetherness” in attending Lausanne, and for the churches that have been under attack for the pressure to be released.

We especially pray for our brothers and sisters who have been detained and under arrest (especially Inner Mongolia brother Liu Jin Tao who was detained Oct 9th for 15 days).  We ask God for freedom in spirit and in body as we trust the Spirit of the Lord while being a testimony of His life and truth.  We also pray for the church and their ministry co-workers that they would be one in the Lord.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth, and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you, his glory appears over you.” Isaiah 60:1-3

Beijing Shouwang Church Board

Oct 10th, 2010

Monday Giggles

October 11, 2010

Here’s Chris Tomlin like you’ve never seen him before . . .


As of Sunday, October 10, 2010:

Dear all,

I just received a phone call from A.  After a successful positive interview with the media, the 7 volunteers headed to the airport.  At airport immigration all 7 were pulled aside to a room.  After the passports were confiscated, the volunteers were told that their documents would be returned after Oct 25th (last day of Lausanne III).  Around 30 police from multiple levels, districts and departments showed up.  They even escorted all of them with their luggage back home.  On the ride home with the police, Abraham said that his dialogue was very pleasant and polite. The police told him they were just doing their jobs as the decision from the very top is at all cost to stop all from China from attending Lausanne III.  All 7 volunteers are in good spirits and have a peace in the hearts that they did all they could to go.   Pray for the many Chinese participants that will be leaving Oct 14th and Oct 15th.  Pray for the church in China!

As of October 7th …

Dear prayer partners,

This following prayer was sent out to Christians around the world to intercede on behalf of the China:

“As the day is quickly approaching for Lausanne III to start in Cape Town on October 17, please remember the Participants from Mainland China.   Participants and volunteers from Mainland China have already purchased their tickets and reserved hotel rooms in preparation to join 4,500 Christian leaders at the Congress.  In addition to raising their own support, the Mainland Chinese participants have also given scholarships for 100 neighboring country participants to attend.

There is a possibility that the Chinese participants will not be able to attend.  Please intercede on behalf of the Church in China, that God would have mercy and move the hearts of those who hold the power to change the situation.  We serve a God who is above all human systems, understanding and authority.  May His Will be done in the Church in China, and His Power known throughout the world.”

For more inside scoop: already, several passports have been confiscated at the airports as participants were flying to the US, Hong Kong and Thailand for other reasons.   Unofficial warnings have been issued to all on the Lausanne list that they will NOT be allowed to leave China.  All have been warned not to attempt to go to the airport with visits and threats from local police, Chinese FBI and even SWAT teams.

Pray for God to change hardened hearts.

The first group of around 8 Chinese volunteers/stewards leave in 3 days – Oct 10th.  Unless God changes hearts, they will be stopped.  The rest of the China participants will be leaving on Oct 15th.

This semester, at Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) (Nyack, NY), Dr. Ron Walborn is teaching a course on “Divine Healing” on Tuesday evenings.  NHF-ers are invited to two special upcoming sessions of this class:

1. Tuesday, October 19th:

  • Special guest: Dr. Frank Chan
  • Topic: “Generational Curses & Blessings”
  • 6.00p in the ATS Chapel (downstairs, at 350 N. Highland Ave, Nyack, NY) **

2. Tuesday, October 26th:

  • Special video: John Wimber
  • Special prayer night: guided by Pastor Tim Binkele (ATS M.Div. alumnus / Pastor of Neighborhood/Risen King Alliance Church, Pearl River, NY) and ministry-staff from Nyack College.  Anyone who would like to receive healing prayer is invited to this special evening of seeking and receiving from the Lord.
  • 6.00p in the ATS Chapel (downstairs, at 350 N. Highland Ave, Nyack. NY) **

For information & details, please see Catherine C.

For a small glimpse into what “Divine Healing” partially covers, and to hear more of the goodness & power of the God we love, serve and obey, here’s a short video-clip that the class recently watched, describing one Nyack College student’s testimony of being healed of cerebral palsy.  All praise, glory and blessing to God the Father, and to our saving, healing and redeeming Lord, Jesus Christ.

** Please arrive as early as possible, as parking is VERY limited on Tuesday evenings.

Isn’t it funny how years — even decades — after our last day of formal education, we still tend to mark the passing of time according to the school calendar?  Well, if that’s the case, then may the start of this “new year” also mark a new season of worship at New Hope Fellowship.  May these songs of praise be sung not for our own satisfaction, comfort and pleasure, but for the joy of bringing others into the Kingdom, and for the ultimate glory of God our Father, Christ our Lord.

As always, please feel welcome to speak with any member of the Worship Team for information & details about these songs — guitar-tabs, lyrics, mp3s, etc.

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