October 7, 2010

As of October 7th …

Dear prayer partners,

This following prayer was sent out to Christians around the world to intercede on behalf of the China:

“As the day is quickly approaching for Lausanne III to start in Cape Town on October 17, please remember the Participants from Mainland China.   Participants and volunteers from Mainland China have already purchased their tickets and reserved hotel rooms in preparation to join 4,500 Christian leaders at the Congress.  In addition to raising their own support, the Mainland Chinese participants have also given scholarships for 100 neighboring country participants to attend.

There is a possibility that the Chinese participants will not be able to attend.  Please intercede on behalf of the Church in China, that God would have mercy and move the hearts of those who hold the power to change the situation.  We serve a God who is above all human systems, understanding and authority.  May His Will be done in the Church in China, and His Power known throughout the world.”

For more inside scoop: already, several passports have been confiscated at the airports as participants were flying to the US, Hong Kong and Thailand for other reasons.   Unofficial warnings have been issued to all on the Lausanne list that they will NOT be allowed to leave China.  All have been warned not to attempt to go to the airport with visits and threats from local police, Chinese FBI and even SWAT teams.

Pray for God to change hardened hearts.

The first group of around 8 Chinese volunteers/stewards leave in 3 days – Oct 10th.  Unless God changes hearts, they will be stopped.  The rest of the China participants will be leaving on Oct 15th.


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