Dear Prayer Partners,

Hard to believe that already a month has passed since the January P & F Day. Thanks so much for lifting us up on that Saturday. We always feel that extra spiritual boost when so many of you pray for us on those special days. So please do keep those prayers coming.

Here is a short update on some of your prayer requests:

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MO Update: B. & H. (SE Asia)

February 14, 2011

Received February 14, 2011 …

Dear friends,

Tomorrow morning, B. will be leaving for a 10-day trip to a nearby country.  There, he will be attending meetings with national, regional and international leaders from our organization.  The long meetings are usually tiring, but the discussions and decisions made there will affect many BT projects and BT workers.  Pr that our leaders have wisdom and insight about how to best serve the communities that we are working with.  Pr for B. to be healthy and have safe travels.

Also beginning tomorrow morning, H. will be organizing a 4-day computer software training here in our city.  Pr that the training will be beneficial for the participants, who will use the software in their respective BT projects around the country. Pr for H. as she attends the training and handles the logistics, while managing the kids without B..

Thanks for your continued prs,