At 1.12p today, John & Hellen welcomed Baby Gabriella into our extended family — many congratulations to our newest new parents!

(Mom & Dad would like some quiet bonding time with Gabriella, so please hold off on the visits until further notice.  The best way of contact would be via email to either / both of them.)

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Despite exhortations from the pulpit to win on behalf of Ukraine09, the NHF softball team lost its opening game of the season (21-14) to Cornerstone of Englewood, NJ. NHF drew first blood, capitalizing on weak pitching in the early innings. Cornerstone closed the gap with patient batting of its own in the middle innings and managed to build a lead it would not relinquish for the rest of the game.

The trade of A-Hodge from NHF to Cornerstone late in the pre-season made the loss particularly difficult to swallow. Critics are already calling for the resignation of NHF General Manager John H.

When asked about his team’s performance in the season opener, John H. said, “It’s only the first game of the season…we’re going to take it one game at a time.”

[The Play For Missions (PFM) League was created to raise money for missions and charities.]


New Photo Albums

April 27, 2009

NHF has created a Picasa account to store photos of church events. Check out the latest pictures from Easter Sunday, the Men’s Retreat, and our first softball game. Please ignore all the blurry ones!


“New Hope Fellowship exists to behold and broadcast the majesty and mercy of God in the entirety of our lives, individual and corporate, unto the coming Kingdom of Christ.”

noreSERVations exists to support the greater mission of New Hope Fellowship.  The group was initially conceptualized as a singles’ or young adults ministry.  But when we went back to focus on the purpose of this ministry, we realized that it would be more exciting to include anyone and everyone.  Therefore, noreSERVations includes both members & non-members; both older & younger; both male & female; both married & single; and households with kids & without.  The name noreSERVations with S-E-R-V in capital letters represents a service-oriented group which takes action without hesitation or reservation.

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Typewritten notes from 9 of the 10 Main Sessions, and a Workshop entitled “The Gospel and Social Action,” can be found here.  (There are no notes from the Panel Discussion held on Wednesday night.)

Video & audio of all 10 Main Sessions, as well as 4 of the Workshops, are available to be seen & heard here, by clicking on the underlined titles of the Sessions / Workshops.

A few pics from GCNC

April 24, 2009

Just a short note: as of 10.18p, three of our brothers (James, Stan, Sam) are still on the road, driving back from Chicago.

Please keep them in your prayers tonight and through to about 3-4a, asking God to bring them home safely.