Update: D. & J. (China)

March 31, 2010

Dear Praying friends:

Greetings from [China]! Many of you have been receiving short updates and prayer requests through email but others have not received any news from us for quite a while now. We do apologize for that.

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Dear friends,

Happy Easter! We praise God for his faithfulness and goodness to us these past few months. We’ve been relatively healthy, even throughout B.’s frequent travels. The kids seem to be enjoying school and daily life.

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Spring is, apparently, coming in like a lion.  A look outside the window today gives us a view of endless fog . . . and perhaps reminds us of the ever-present, soaking-in, heavy presence of our Lord in any and every circumstance of our lives.  As we continue to worship together, let’s let Him continue to seep into the pores of our individual selves and our community together.

As always, please feel welcome to see any member of the Worship Team for recordings, lyrics, guitar tabs, and even music / instrument lessons!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

  • Sing to the King
  • Awesome Is the Lord Most High
  • Good to Me
  • I Stand Amazed
  • Shout to the Lord

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I10 Team: HOME.

March 20, 2010

2.54p local time.  My expectation is that by now, all 8 members of the I10 team (7 from NHF & our honorary NHFer, Anna, from Virginia) are home, showered, comfortable, sleeping?   We landed safely at JFK about an hour late, and said a brief prayer over Anna as we sent her off to her connecting flight home to her family in the D.C. area.

Spending this week with Anna was yet another facet of happiness.  Her church in VA has long been associated with JVI and Jeff Pankratz, as well as Freeset & Sari-Bari, and so it was really great to have our 2 churches linked this week so that we could brainstorm future trips, more projects, better ways to support & fund Freeset and justice ventures like it.  (Please, when you have 6 women who love to shop sharing a room and talking together all day, what did you think was going to happen?)  It occurred to me in the middle of the week that as much as I10 was God’s gift of awareness to us, it was also His gift of intimacy to our churches — that even while the 8 of us were on the ground in Kolkata, He was doing a bonding work on the East Coast, creating a line between VA & NY along which His Spirit can travel back & forth in power and love.  Isn’t He something?

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Day 7: Coming Home

March 19, 2010


We’re in Dubai once more, waiting to get on the flight HOME.

HOME.  That word never sounded so good, honestly.

The ratios still don’t look good: 4 out of 4 are still down with one thing or another.  We’ve got some airplane pukies, consistent massive stomach cramping, and all other sorts of things you can imagine might go wrong.  And we haven’t really figured out what caused it all. =(  The other 4 are hanging tough (chowing down on McDonald’s as we speak, actually).  Please continue to pray for all 8 of us.

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A glimpse….

March 19, 2010

Hi all,

Wow. What a week. What is the meaning of the purpose of God and/or the nature of spiritual warfare, when spiritually, w/respect to FS, we started w/dark vision & ended in glorious light … But our bodies started strong & rapidly degenerated into sickness?   Weird. Still trying to see what God is saying in all of this, and we are still trying to battle strong.

First the good news: THERE IS NO MALARIA.  Catherine got a blood test & it came back negative – praise God!  (Good thing too, b/c she threw up her malaria antibiotics.)  However, half of us have dropped like malaria-free flies. James is weak, feverish but okay … (As you might expect, his good humor & ability to keep a safe eye on us hasn’t waned much.). Jen stayed home today w/ symptoms similar to Catherine’s – chills, fever, aches, diarrhea.  Anna also went down with stomach ills & fever late in the day. And Catherine is still touch & go. Pls pls pls keep praying – we’re trying our hardest to fight but man, we need all of you backing us up, or even standing on the front lines of intercession for us.

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Day 6: Morning Update

March 18, 2010

From Robert:

I feel like we have gotten a lot done because we were able to experience something about people’s lives here, and especially to see the Hilton’s ministering to the women. That is the most remarkable thing. Also, everyone feels inspired to try hard to support the work here which is beautiful and noble….’

From James and Robert:

Cathy and Jen are both sick. Please pray for their quick recovery, so that they can continue their work and also able to fly home on Saturday.

I’m actually writing this on the morning of Day 6 . . . yesterday was sort of a wash for me and I just didn’t have the energy to type.  I stayed home (Becca stayed with me) totally sick, while the rest of the team came to FS.  This is what they told me about their day…

They had a great morning conference call / morning devotions with Jeff, Santosh (JVI lawyer), Kyu and Tom Kim . . . learned a lot about JVI & how it works in relation to FS and other justice ventures.  They were really impressed with Santosh, a Brahmin Indian who married 2 castes below his own, and was practically disowned for it.  Even now, the 2 families don’t get together, and when they do, they eat with diff sets of cups, plates, etc. Acc to teammates, Santosh is really something, born & bred here in India, but just really living out the Gospel in so many important ways.

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