11.10p local time (EST): U09 arrived home to a wonderful hullabaloo!  A whole gaggle of folks and a beautiful hand-made sign greeted us as we made our way safely & smoothly out of JFK airport this afternoon.  We all got safely over to a Korean restaurant in Flushing for dinner, then I presume and pray that everyone is currently home safe and sound, sleeping in their beds.  As our team huddled around our collected bags in the baggage claim area before coming out, we prayed and thanked God for the past 10 days, and for carrying us to Ukraine and back safely.  Tonight, we are also so thankful for all of you. Read the rest of this entry »

2p local time: we just tearfully left kr’chuk (see edwd about our change in plans; at first we weren’t going to come back but then thought maybe we should…)

We’re en route to kiev via rented mini-bus.  The ride will take about 4hrs. Pls pray for safe travel & against our weariness. We are still a team and ever will be; pls pray that we would continue to be open to God’s blessings wherever we are. His joy & movt are not for kr’chuk alone, or just for the ppl here. What He gave us here, we want to seal inside AND bring those blessings home to share w/u all.

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U09 Team on July 29

July 29, 2009

1.15a local time: we can’t believe we leave town tomm.

We were tired today & got off to somewhat of a slow start … But by lunch, we had reunited w/the other 3 teams & all was right in the world again. 🙂

the basic gist of the day: lunch; outreach @ a main street corner in an outlying neighborhood of the city; dinner; outreach back @ the main “central park” of the city.

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U09 Update: July 28

July 28, 2009

Another day of street outreach coming up. Morning devotional from philippians 2.12-18. Pls pray for us.

2.02 AM (local time)

funny … We were so tired, we spent some time praying for two ppl we encountered during outreach today, then decided to close up for the night. That was at midnite. Sasha & luda went to bed while we decided to briefly take care of some team things. 2 hrs later, after stories, guffaws, jokes & tears, we’re. finally hitting the sack.  Hee.

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11.10p local time: early nite for all – we’re exhausted, some in good ways, others by sickness.  First, the bad news (for it will always be conquered by good news): james was feeling quite badly this morning, & tho he feels much better now, he’s still battling a sore throat. I have full-blown fever & chills; believe it’s just a cold so will take some meds & knock out. For both of us, a good nite’s sleep might just do the trick. We rely on your prayers & the miraculous will of God.  Sveta’s g’father (she & her husband hosted u08 for dinner last year) died; he was not a believer; funeral was today. Another funeral for the brother from nhc’s mother church who drowned in the river last week. One worship tm member got food poisoning, & his daughter is sick in the hospital (2yo). It’s so obvious, it’s almost stupid … But we resolve to fight a very real enemy.

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Please pray: I’m feeling terrible; James is on verge of getting a cold; Pastor Sasha’s daugjter has high fever; many @ church sick;  I got food poisoning; another little girl is in hospital.  Need protective & healing coverage pronto.

Cathy on behalf of U09

Update from Cathy at 9:45pm, July 27

…James is feeling good now; I am not so good – feverish, chills, nausea. Might be side effect of lack of sleep & stress. Think night time dose of cold meds might do it. Hope so. It’s colder here than expected; caught a chill.

Pls cont to pray: james feels bad in mornings & gets better thru day. Sveta’s father (sveta who hosted us for dinner last year) died last night. NEED SO MUCH PRAYER FOR PROTECTION AND GUARDING AGAINST EXHAUSTION!!!!!!!!!! Spread this request far & wide. Thx for holding us up!!!!

1.15a local time: potty talk & delirium (sorry, I spelled it wrong yesterday) quickly ascended into sharing, debriefing re: today, & prayer.

So much … Went to orphanage today. For me personally, thought I was prepared this time, but no – had a hard time holding it together & had to really battle to not shut down & tune out. We were all deeply affected, not bc anything is so WRONG w/the kids, but bc their vulnerability so truly evidences the vulnerability that’s in every one of us, saved or not. How much we ALL need Jesus …

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