Currently, the blog is administered by three people: David K., Cathy C., and Chris S.

We want to encourage a wide variety of postings (news, events, epiphanies, etc.) to ensure the blog features regularly updated content. As usage of the site grows and people get used to using the blog, we may need to re-structure the site to keep things organized.

For the moment, please keep in mind the following:

  • Please read your post at least once before submitting. Although the blog is primarily geared toward NHF’s congregation, it is also a public document that anyone can view. Standard grammar and spelling are preferred.
  • Do not post personal addresses or other information (e.g., emails, numbers, etc.). For example, use initials for last names. Since this blog is a public document, we want to minimize the chance that people mentioned in the blog are targeted for spam or other schemes. If you must share an email address, use the following spam resistant construction: email ‘at’ domain ‘dot’ com.
  • Don’t make clarity a victim of style. If you can say it in five words rather than ten words (without changing the meaning), then use five words!
  • Content on the blog may be edited for readability. In practice, posts will likely remain unedited (though they will be read). Understand, however, that this is not a negotiable point. The blog editors retain the right to make edits where needed.
  • Maximum post length: 1000 words. This word limit is an absolute maximum (we expect posts will be much shorter than this). Writers with longer posts should consider contacting JeeHyun and publishing the article in the New Hope Journal. The Journal is designed for long form pieces.
  • Add “DRAFT” to your post title if you don’t want it published. Let the admins know that your are still working on your post by adding the word DRAFT in all caps somewhere in your title. Otherwise, it might get published!
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