alicelogo Given all the babies arriving this year, I imagine shopping for even mundane items can turn into a major production for growing families. Alice is a new service that works with manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. The site makes money from advertising, not from a retail markup, so the typical retail middleman is cut out of the equation. Of course, the manufacturers will want to capture some of that margin, so don’t expect wholesale pricing.

Anyway, shoppers can define a basket of everyday goods (e.g., diapers, trash bags, etc.) and Alice will remind you when you may be running low. Shipping is also free. I haven’t used the service yet, but it looks promising — ┬áread this TechCrunch review to get a more in-depth look. This isn’t a web/consumer blog, but there are so many people with toddlers and kids now, I’ve got to believe someone is interested. Good luck!