Dear New Hope,

Our team of SEVEN – Alex, Sharon and Kate Lee; Rob Freire; Dan Sin; Chris Yoon and Becca McAteer – have now all arrived and are at work in Windhoek, Namibia, Africa where they will be serving for ten days as part of New Hope’s annual mission trip.

Before leaving, they were each asked to respond to a few questions, in order to help guide your prayers as they are sent forth in God’s Spirit and care:

During this year’s mission trip to Namibia, I’m most excited to see God…

-in the eyes of the weakest, most poor, hungry children of Africa

-fill children (and our team) with a deeper realization of his majesty and mercy.


-work in the lives of the youth throughout the camp.

-uniting us to serve together as one body of Christ.  I’m especially excited that Rob Freire, our pastor is joining us this year!

-at work among the Windhoek youth and missionaries, and to see the kids experience the love and joy found in knowing Jesus.

During this year’s mission trip to Namibia, I’m I’m feeling a little apprehensive about…

-physical health of everyone on the N17 team including the missionaries already there and our ability to work together well.

-leaving my family for a week-and-a-half and about serving in a context that is new to me.

-fighting off the enemy.

-leaving our two sons at home in the care of grandparents.

-connecting with the youth

-making comfortable, natural connections with the kids in my group, and also about leaving my family behind in the midst of some instability/ medical concerns

During this year’s mission trip to Namibia, I could use prayerful support for…

-my heart and any lingering feelings of bitterness, irritability, and judgmental feelings towards others.  To have the fear and love of God become much bigger than the fear of man.

-the development of a humble, listening heart that is ready to learn and be changed by the young people we will spend our days with.

-To leave the current worries of my life behind, and instead devote myself fully to serving Him.

-The peace to leave all my distractions behind and being fully patient and understanding in any problems that may occur

-patience & discernment required to walk in step with the Holy Spirit and not let my eager excitement to produce impulsive actions and words.

-diligently pursuing regular, sustained time in God’s word (and also in memorizing all of Psalm 8!)

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers as the team serves, learns, grows and experiences God’s hand at work in powerful, beautiful ways for His glory!

 More updates to come…

N17 Day 3

August 22, 2017

Hello NHF!  We hope y’all had a great day of Sunday worship with Pastor Eric.  So much to update you on.  Sunday we went to 3 worship services: 1) Kings Kids (Windhoek toddlers), 2) Agape Youth (our kids that we will take to bible camp), 3) Korean Missionary service.  Dan Sin was brought to tears as he listened to the toddlers sing God is so good in English, Herero dialect, and then in Korean!  Then for Agape Youth service, Steve gave a powerful, biblically faithful sermon from Romans on glorification and how it ties into justification and sanctification.  Heavy stuff!..yet stated so simply and clearly and the kids all were locked in and absorbing!  We were all floored at the scripture drenched prayers of some of the children during the service.  The last service was with the Korean missionaries at a local reformed Baptist church, and Rob delivered a beautiful message on the same text from Romans!  Not pre-planned but just so happened to be on similar themes.  Rob wonderfully adapted suffering endured by the Apostle Paul and greatly encouraged the missionaries and Steve/Seoyoen.  The day was closed by a nice braii (Namibian BBQ) at Senior Pastor Park’s home and we had a nice 30th birthday (Dan Sin) and a belated birthday for Jen Chon.

Monday was a busy day visiting the homes of the Agape Youth worship team members who live in Ehambo (town in Windhoek), seeing up close how they live.  We met some of their families, and Pastor Rob was able to pray for them whilst in their homes.

It was so encouraging to see the faithfulness of some of these kids.  Their homes have so little in terms of material items, but some of their homes/rooms had scripture written on the walls and one even had pictures of our Linda Yoon and Steve/Seoyeon.  As we walked through their town, holding the hands of children (9 and 10 years old but the size of a 4 or 5 year old), it was so encouraging to hear some of their stories….. of recently coming to Christ, having transformation of lives, and of being involved and loving the ministry of Agape Youth in Windhoek.

New Hope, please pray for the team; for physical health, spiritual protection and team unity especially with the Korean missionaries.

IMG_2714Today, we will continue to prepare for the Agape Youth Bible camp (which begins on Thursday), have a return visit to Hope Village orphanage, and then another visit to more homes of children in Agape Youth.

Thank-you so much dearest brothers and sisters.  We are blessed and thankful for your continued prayers.

In Jesus, N17 Team


Namibia 2017 day 1

August 19, 2017

Hello New Hope,

Most of the N17 team has successfully arrived (sans Becca who will join us on Monday) in the beautiful country of Namibia in the continent of Africa.  We have already begun to see God working in the form of traveling mercies for the team.  The day started with a minor blip with Dan Sin having to wait 20 minutes for a below average ice coffee only to be rewarded by a slightly cold but still delicious Shake Shack burger at JFK.  Then Kate was almost not allowed entrance to South Africa because of a new law requiring her to have her birth certificate in addition to her passport.  Luckily, Alex’s mother was able to come to the rescue waking up at 4 am to locate the certificate and send a photo via iMessage.  Disaster averted.  Finally, in the excitement of being in Namibia and seeing Steve, Seoyeon, Jen Chon, Pastor Kim, the team left Sharon’s back pack with many valuables including (MacBook air, kindle, gifts/supplies) on the front sidewalk of the airport.  4 hours later Steve, Pastor Rob, and Alex returned to the airport looking for the back pack with little to no hope.  Then a very nice Namibian security officer (whose name happened to be Alex!!) escorts us to a back room, opens up a safe full of guns and M-16 rifles and pulls out Sharon’s back pack with ALL of the items perfectly intact!  What are the odds of a back pack filled with expensive electronic devices being left at a busy African airport sidewalk and then being retrieved 5 hours later with all items intact?  Praise God!

Then on the drive home from the airport, we were again greeted by some local baboons on the side of the road welcoming us back to Namibia.  The day ended with another beautiful night filled with the beautiful, dark, star filled sky, then a delicious home cooked meal from our dear sister Jen Chon and finally a wonderful night of Prayer, focusing on Acts 11.  Steve reminded us of the great example of the short term missionary, Barnabas,  and how…he came and saw the Grace of God…full of the Holy Spirit and of faith…and a great many people were added to the Lord.

Our theme verse this year is Psalm 8; O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth….The Majesty of God is so easy to see as we gaze at the stars in the beautiful African night sky.  Thank-you New Hope for your prayers!