Update: D. & J. (China)

November 30, 2009

November 27, 2009:

Dear pr^ing friends,

The L^ is our joy and strength.  He has answered our pr^ers!
Many have been asking what happened this Sunday, did we worship in the park, in the auditorium?  Neither.  We were informed last Saturday that we were worshiping in an atrium of the TS Park (across the street from our home).  According to Pstr TM, when the authorities forced the landlords to end the rental contracts for the ch^ at the end of October, it seems that the police did not really think that the ch^ was really going to worship in the park as they said they would.  They probably assumed like in the past, the ch^ would close their doors for awhile or underground into the homes.    Apparently not this time.  SW ch^ stated their bottom line: worship service will continue no matter what… indoors or outdoors, rain, sleet or snow.  And snow it did that first Sunday in November.  (We may need to reconsider the 1 inch snow canceling policy in the US).

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November 26, 2009

Are we sufficiently thankful for the freedom of assembly?

Would we still assemble in worship if we faced 7 years in prison for doing so?

UPDATE: D. & J. (China)

November 24, 2009

November 23, 2009:

Dear pr^ing friends,

Thanks for your pr^ers.  The L^ has shown much favor and has been answering our pr^ers.  The 7 visas on Nov 20th were all approved.  The US embassy visa officer first asked to see if there were those who didn’t speak English and when they said “yes”, he spoke in fluent Mandarin starting with calling one of our guys “[  ]”(brother G.).  The L^ arranged a Xian, an American born in Taiwan who served in an overseas Chinese ch^ to be the US visa officer to interview our group.  The officer was knowledgeable of the house ch^ movement and even knew about SW Ch^. Read the rest of this entry »

Joint Thanksgiving Worship

November 23, 2009

Please join us as we gather with other area churches to worship together in anticipation of our day of Thanksgiving.

Worship will be followed by fellowship over pie & coffee.  Each church is responsible for contributing to the pie-fellowship, so if you’d like to make / bring one (or more!), please arrive at 7.15p.

Friends, the word “saga” applies here, but not in the facetious, over-wrought sense in which we so often use it.  This is serious stuff.  Please read D.’s chronology, from the top and scroll down, and keep our millions-upon-millions of brothers and sisters in your fervent, faithful pr^ers, in anticipation of the free worship we’ll share together in Heaven.

In case it seems like it’s just “we Xians” who care about the Ch* in China, read here for perspective from the Wall Street Journal …

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YG at David Crowder in NYC

November 17, 2009

On Friday, Nov 13th, the NHF Youth Group and several others from our church took the train into New York City for a night on the town. Shortly after arriving at Grand Central and walking through its congested corridors, we boarded the subway and 15 minutes later found ourselves at Columbus Circle. After snapping a few pictures of the early Christmas lights, we entered Time Warner Center and grabbed a bite to eat at Whole Foods. Some folks grabbed light salads and seasonal fruits while others gravitated toward the heavier pork ribs and the famous chicken curry. When everyone had finished their meal, we walked over to Terminal 5 for the David Crowder Band’s Church Music Tour concert. The opening bands, Seabird and Danyew, were surprisingly very good and the David Crowder Band had a New York Times worthy performance. Click here for NY Times article. Click here for our pictures.

NHF’s “At the End of Slavery” viewing event has been postponed until later in the winter season.  Stay tuned for details.

IJM’s “Weekend to End Slavery” is still on, so check out their website for information about how to speak up to abolish modern-day slavery, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.


International Justice Mission (IJM) is sponsoring the Weekend to End Slavery on November 14-15.

The Weekend to End Slavery is a 2-day united effort across this country to educate communities about modern-day slavery, and mobilize to end modern-day slavery in our lifetime.  The Weekend to End Slavery will involve learning about modern-day slavery & injustice, sharing the message of hope that abolition is possible, and advocating with members of Congress to use their power to end slavery.

  • Saturday, Nov. 14th, 6.30p: dinner & viewing of “At the End of Slavery” (IJM-produced film about modern-day slavery, shot on-location in Philippines, India, Cambodia and the United States).  Includes a live-webcast address from Gary Haugen, President & CEO of IJM.
  • Sunday, Nov. 15th, 2.30p: afternoon Worship with a special brief presentation by newhope4justice, NHF’s own mobilization to pursue God’s heart for justice in our community.

For more information about modern-day slavery and the film, “At the End of Slavery,” click here.

For more information about International Justice Mission, click here.

Update: NH4J Readings

November 8, 2009

NH4J (NewHope4Justice) had a wonderful first meeting — eating, talking, questioning, mulling and praying together over issues of global and local poverty and justice.  The readings that Kim F. prepared for us were interesting, troubling, moving and inspiring, all at once.  We’re excited to keep moving through the book “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger,” Scripture passages in Isaiah and Amos, and other special readings which Kim F. selects for us.

As always, everyone is welcome to drop in at any time to eat and chat with us.  Please feel free to contact Kim F. for more information about our book and further readings.  Come join us for our next meeting:

  • This Thursday, November 12th, 7.00p @ Cathy C.’s home
  • Topic: “The Affluent Minority: Idols & Injustice”
  • ReadingsRich Christians…, Chapter 2; Isaiah 1-2; Amos 2
  • Further Readings: please contact Kim F. for relevant PDFs & summaries

Last night, about 12 brothers & sisters from NHF attended the one-night-only movie event hosted by Hillsong United, “We’re All In This Together.”  The documentary was preceded by 30 minutes of interviews with and performances of new songs by Hillsong United.  The North-American screening of this film, chronicling Hillsong United’s observations from their recent world tour, was also the official launch of The I-Heart Revolution, a movement to look outside ourselves and to the needs of others, so that local initiatives can be transformed into a collaborative global impact. 

We were mightily humbled, moved, wounded, inspired and blessed by “We’re All In This Together.”  We are both eager to listen for God’s continuing guidance, and ready to move in obedience to battle poverty & injustice both near and abroad, for His Name and unto His glory.  Some key quotes and links can be found after the jump …

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Please join us for a special school-night excursion!

  • “We’re All In This Together” is a Hillsong United-produced film, documenting the poverty & injustice observed by Hillsong United during their recent world tour, and telling stories of mercy & compassion they encountered.
  • Playing for one night only: Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 7.30p @ City Center theatre in White Plains, NY
  • Hillsong United will “host” the film from Sydney, Australia, appearing live on-screen for a worship performance prior to the debut of the documentary.
  • Tickets: $15 / Running time: 2hr, 30min.

Youth-group members are particularly invited to this movie-outing.  (Parents, please consider that this special viewing is a one-night-only event.)

Please contact John C., John K., or Cathy C. for details and/or to RSVP.