Giving Praise and Thanks

November 26, 2008

Recently, I heard Dr. Brian Widbin, a professor at Alliance Theological Seminary, talk about Thanksgiving and giving thanks during a chapel service.  A respected Old Testament and Hebrew scholar, he described that there was no Hebrew word in ancient Israel for “thanks” or “thank you.”  In fact, the concept of “thank you” didn’t even exist back then, especially as addressed to the LORD, and he half-jokingly lamented the watered-down and ill-motivated “thank you” that now exists in Israel (and everywhere else around the world).   Read the rest of this entry »

Please join us at the joint Thanksgiving Eve service at 7.30pm on Wed at First Baptist-Tarrytown [56 S. Broadway], with seven area churches gathering across denominations. The speaker will be Gershwin Grant from Calvary Church.  The service will be followed by pie and coffee fellowship. If anyone can bring a pie by 7.15pm that would be great.