courtesy of Andrew K., NHF News Special Correspondent

This past Sunday, NHF played their first playoff game against Chodae KM, a team that they had already beaten twice during the regular season.  Despite missing many of their regulars, NHF was looking to carry the momentum gained from winning their last 4 games of the season into the playoffs.  However, the high-octane offense of Chodae proved to be too much for NHF to handle.

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alicelogo Given all the babies arriving this year, I imagine shopping for even mundane items can turn into a major production for growing families. Alice is a new service that works with manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. The site makes money from advertising, not from a retail markup, so the typical retail middleman is cut out of the equation. Of course, the manufacturers will want to capture some of that margin, so don’t expect wholesale pricing.

Anyway, shoppers can define a basket of everyday goods (e.g., diapers, trash bags, etc.) and Alice will remind you when you may be running low. Shipping is also free. I haven’t used the service yet, but it looks promising —  read this TechCrunch review to get a more in-depth look. This isn’t a web/consumer blog, but there are so many people with toddlers and kids now, I’ve got to believe someone is interested. Good luck!

Gmail Ninja

June 23, 2009

What belt are you?

What belt are you?

A quick scan of our email lists indicates the majority of NHF uses gmail (or Google Apps email). Google has added features to Gmail steadily over the past year or so, and recently compiled a helpful tip sheet. Given the amount of email I receive every day from all sorts of sources, I rely heavily on Gmail’s advanced features to find and organize stuff.

So take a look at the tips, you’ll probably s find something useful.

We will be doing pizza + movie theater night this Friday, June 26th. Movie is TBD between Transformers, UP, and Star Trek. Location for pizza and movie is TBD dependent on movie title.

Please RSVP with Will L. or John H. with your preferred movie. An email will be sent to only those participating. Thank you.


June 18, 2009

By nhfnews columnist Will L.

It was truly a game for the ages this past Sunday as NHF faced Chodae in their final game of the regular season. NHF headed into the game with a 3-3 record, giving them a chance to make this their first winning season in franchise history. Standing in their way was a formidable Chodae team intent on ending NHF’s 3-game winning streak. Read the rest of this entry »

U09: The Hardest Part

June 14, 2009

There is always that pause, right before you click “SUBMIT” to authorize a major credit-card online purchase, when your heart races and your lungs tighten.  You feel a little bit like you can’t breathe, and your fingers tremble slightly over the computer keyboard.  You wonder if you entered all the information accurately, if you got the dates right, if you spelled everything correctly, if you really found the best deal possible.  And after endless minutes of hemming and hawing, the moment comes where you just have to bite the bullet, and buy those darn plane tickets that will zip you and four of your brothers and sisters over to a place of great blessing and joy.  So, with a vague sheen of nervous perspiration starting to sprout up, you do it — you click “SUBMIT” — and wait for the world to implode.  It doesn’t, and so you finally allow yourself the small luxury of self-ridicule.

Shoot, if buying those plane tickets to Ukraine was the hardest part, U09 is going to be a breeze!

It’s official, friends!  Your U09 teamSunny, James A., Cathy, Jeehyun and Robert — is locked in, and they are well into training and receiving blessings so that they can be blessings in Kremenchug, UA.  Please continue praying for these five U09-ers.

And not unimportantly, please also keep in prayer for:

  • Pastor Sasha & New Hope Church: their preparations for Summer Retreat and our joint ministry & evangelization
  • yourselves: U09 trains & travels on the wings of your faith & your support, and the team will be carrying to Ukraine your affection and your blessings for your brothers & sisters abroad.

Evangelism On NPR

June 12, 2009

I think anyone who is interested in evangelism should listen to this episode of This American Life. For those of you who don’t know, This American Life is a long-running radio program that is hard to describe. It essentially tells all sorts of stories about what people face and how they change in response to life events, etc. That’s a terrible description but, trust me, it’s worth trying out.

Anyway, Act 2 of the program I mentioned captures a common situation and illustrates the fine line between trying to prove something vs. trying to minister to someone.

Here’s the show description:

Act Two. Team Spirit in the Sky.

This past Christmas a story swept the internet about a football coach at a Christian high school in Texas who inspired his team’s fans to root for the opposition: a team from the local juvenile correctional facility. Among the thousands of emails that the coach received in response to his actions, one stood out to him. Trisha Sebastian mentioned her loss of faith, and coach Hogan got a message from God that he was meant to bring her back. We eavesdrop on their phone calls. (19 minutes)