Over the past two Sundays, our church has considered a stunning scene in John 6:16-21. This scene also appears (with some additional details) in Mark 6:45-52 and Matthew 14:22-33. When Jesus sends his disciples across the Sea of Galilee in a boat, they encounter rough, threatening waters. In the middle of the night, while they struggle to row ahead, the Lord Jesus strolls out to them across the waves and through the wind. At least two major truths are communicated to us in this scene:       Read the rest of this entry »

This past Sunday we read about a day when Jesus took a boy’s packed lunch and fed more than 15,000 people. The scene shows off the power and the tenderhearted generosity of Jesus Christ.

The scene also challenges our faith. It shows us that Jesus can take what little we have and use it to do more than anyone expects. He is not limited by our limitations. In fact, he can take our measly time, gifts, money—our resources—fold them into his plan, and surprise us. Do you believe that? If so, there’s a deeper challenge here for you.

Jesus Christ was sent into the world on a mission to feed and free people who are in bondage to sin. And this same Christ tells all his disciples, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” And when he sends you, he takes away all your excuses.      Read the rest of this entry »