This past Sunday (11/25) our guest preacher, Pastor Ed Moore from North Shore Baptist Church, delivered a challenging message from Joshua 23. This beautiful passage comforts God’s people by reminding us of God’s faithfulness, power, and goodness. But it also challenges us to cling to him, “turning aside… neither to the right hand nor to the left.” It’s a promise of blessing joined with loving instruction and words of warning from our God.

Here are some questions to choose from as you seek to process and apply the message.    Read the rest of this entry »

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

1. In Sunday’s message, I said that Jesus Christ is the most secure man who ever lived. How can we know that to be true? How do we know that he had a clear sense of his own identity and purpose?          

2. In John 7:1-36 people seem to respond to Jesus in one of four ways:

  • He’s a good man. (v. 12)
  • He’s a liar. (v. 12)
  • He’s a lunatic. (v. 20)
  • He is Lord. (v. 31)

How does Christ respond to the crowd’s opinions of him? Most importantly, who do you believe Jesus to be?

3. Can you remember a time when someone’s opinion of you left you deeply bothered? Why do you think this person’s judgment affected you so powerfully? How did you deal with that experience?           Read the rest of this entry »