MO Update: B. & H. (SE Asia)

October 31, 2010

As of Sunday, October 31 . . .

Dear friends,
After receiving our last email and print newsletter, many of you wrote with encouraging comments. We’re glad to know that you are following our updates. We’ll do our best to keep communicating about our work. Please keep pr’ing for the OT stories in the Bridge language and for the Bridge people who read or hear them.
In our newsletter we wrote that D and W were thinking about moving back to our city; they’ve now returned. D will begin meeting with our Korean colleague Mr. K for BT work (in one of the Bridge dialects). Please pr. for D and Mr. K as well as their families during this time of transition.

You might have heard that this past week there was a tsunami and volcanic activity here. We were not directly affected, as we live in another province. However, hundreds have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been displaced into temporary camps. Some of our friends who are involved in disaster relief will be traveling tonight by bus to help at relief camps and we were able to donate some supplies to them. Please keep the disaster relief team in your pr’s this week.
Thank you for your faithfulness,

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