New Hope Fellowship,

They are all here!!! The Park family, Alex, and Jessica have made it safely to Namibia, minus some luggage. They are all adjusting well and we are glad to be reunited.

Today we spent the majority of the day at Max (pronounced Mox) which is the building that Agape Youth meets in. The benefit of having such a large team this year is that we can spread out, accomplish different tasks, all while getting to know more people. We had a group finishing some painting work on a canvas to decorate the walls. Another group spent a few hours teaching girls from the village how to sew reusable menstrual pads. A few others were practicing with the Agape Youth praise team to get ready to lead praise for the upcoming camp. All activities have provided great opportunities to casually get to know the people we will be spending time with at camp.

Here are a few ways that you could be praying:

  • Praise the Lord that our team is all here, all 25 of us. Please pray for team unity especially as the camp approaches.
  • This year, we have been given ample time to spend with the very kids we will be seeing at camp. Pray that we would use this time wisely and that God would help us understand and love these kids.
  • Please pray for our leaders from Agape Youth that will be leading the small group times at camp. Their names are Amon, Mitchel, Erickson, Cloudia, Sirenga, Maria, Dericks, Angelina, ¬†Laili, Simon, Utiae (Utchyea), Hilma, and Maya.
  • Pray for the 137 youth that will be attending the camp this year. Pray for those that don’t know Christ to come to know him and please pray for those that know Christ that God would use all he wills to strengthen and encourage them.

Thank you all dearly for taking the time to read and pray. We miss you on this end.

Updates From Namibia!

August 13, 2018


“Will you trust him – to forgive and welcome you? Will you trust him, even if he’s not fixing the problems you think he should? Will you trust him if he makes you wait?”

Rob asked during his sermon at the Agape Youth Sunday Service. And as he asked each question (which I think most of us were expecting to answer internally) you could hear a few of the youth answering each question with a resounding “Yes!”

Good morning, afternoon, or evening New Hope Fellowship! In the case you were wondering, most of our team members have made it safely to Namibia and we still await to be reunited physically with the Park family (Steve, Cathy, Chris, Ellie, and Lauren), Alex Lee, and Jessica Oh. Though the camp has not started yet, thanks to Jen Chon and the Korean missionaries (We Love Africa) we have had ample opportunities to meet and get to know the Agape Youth kids, most of whom will be attending the camp starting on Friday. In the days leading up to the camp we will be spending much time together in their village. In addition to hanging out with them in a natural setting, we do have a lot of things to prepare for the camp. Please pray that as we prepare and work that we would not lose sight of who is in front of us!



Above in the middle is Derricks and to the right in the grey suit is Mitchell. Both Derricks and Mitchell have become believers through this ministry and are now serving as leaders of Agape Youth. As we heard their testimonies and clearly saw their heart to joyfully serve the Lord and their community, there was great evidence that the faithful labor has not been in vain, that the faithful preaching of the word of God did not return void, that the faithful sacrifice to sow seeds did indeed yield fruit. Praise the Lord for that!


One of the things I love about this ministry is that they are discipling and equipping young people to be leaders and to serve, with the hope of reaching others around them!

Transportation from place to place would not be possible without the tireless efforts of Jen and the We Love Africa missionaries. From the airport to each place we need to be at they have served us tirelessly to get us to where we need to be, sometimes at the cost of them being late (oops!). As we have observed them serving the kids of Agape Youth, Kings Kids, and Hope Village it is evident that their gain is Christ and all the out-workings of their service is rooted in a deep seated trust that Christ is better than anything this world could offer.


Our team with all the missionaries after Sunday service at their church.


Just in case the praise team was wondering, Matt has put his God given talent to use (leading worship!). And… He’s also clearly been a fan of the cam.