The world always seems to shrink a bit in the wake of catastrophic disasters like the recent earthquake / tsunami in Japan.  It is in days like these that the body of Christ can sometimes best reflect His love, mercy, compassion and power — in how we mobilize, how we pray, how we labour and how we give.

As you continue to pray for Japan and its people — and please do pray fervently and faithfully! — consider giving generously to relief efforts as well.  If you’re struggling to find a reputable and effective organization to give to, check out CRASH Japan (Christian Relief, Assistance, Support & Hope).  Right now, CRASH is working closely with JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) on the ground.

As Justin Taylor writes, CRASH and JEMA have “a large network of experienced volunteers who know the culture and language. …  CRASH Japan is using funds to purchase vital equipment, such as satellite phones, printers, computers, and wireless routers. This equipment will be used to facilitate communication between the Tokyo command center and cities where infrastructure has been weakened or destroyed.”  Moreover, “[a]ccording to JEMA President Dale Little, ‘CRASH is the second-to-none relief network in Japan. No other agency is able to assess the needs on the ground like CRASH, and then take steps toward meeting those needs. The effectiveness of CRASH includes linking closely with local churches in Japan.'”

Brothers & sisters, you can DONATE HERE.

Dear Prayer Partners,

We wanted to give a quick update about E.  I (S.) visited him on last Sunday (Feb. 27). When I called him, E. was at the local mosque making lunch for some local elders.  Wondering if he would be there the whole day, I went to the mosque to see him.  As I approached the mosque, a group of men were outside the mosque getting ready to go in.  They didn’t exactly give me the most welcoming look, but I asked if they knew E.  They all shook their heads and said that they didn’t.  “Oh great, he’s standing me up!” I thought.  I called him again and he said that he would come right now.  Not a minute later, he popped out of the gate and gave me a traditional handshake and hug.  Immediately, the group’s countenance completely changed and I was now a friend.

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Dear friends,

Last month B’s trip to attend the leaders’ meetings went well, and so did the software training that H organized.  Thanks for for us.
This month promises to be full also.  In a week, B will be traveling to a yearly consultation where colleagues from various countries meet to study the Word and encourage one another in their work with cousins.  We are also planning our yearly retreat/meeting, which will be held at the end of March.  All the BT teams whom we supervise will be coming from different parts of the country, and we hope it will be a good time for them to reconnect and be refreshed.
We really need your pr.s for 2 things in particular:
* Please pr for the visas that we need. At the end of March we need another 1-month visa, which will last until our trip to the US in late April. Our long-term visa is in process and hopefully will be ready by July.
* Please continue to pr for our finances. We have been low on support for over a year now.  Many of our financial partners have consistently sent monthly support, for which we are grateful.  However, several supporters have not been able to continue giving due to financial hardship.
B & H