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By nhfnews columnist Will L.

Last night in Manhattan, the hottest ticket in town wasn’t to Wicked at the Gershwin Theater or to West Side Story at the Palace Theater.  Crowds left Broadway and were flocking to Simon Baruch Middle School’s production of Pajama Game at M.S. 104.  Fortunately for us, NHF decided to send us to experience the show firsthand.  When we arrived at the box office, the ticket cashier asked us, “Do you have a reservation?” – to which our response was “noreSERVations.”  With playbills in hand and no reservations, we walked into the packed theater and thoroughly enjoyed the 9th annual production from Gramercy’s most beloved director, Ken Ko. Read the rest of this entry »


May 26, 2010

Please join us today in praying for B. & H. (and children A. & N.), as they serve the Lord to advance His Kingdom in Southeast Asia.  Pray for B.’s travels & his 2-week-long on-site studies in Boston right now; equipping for H. as she conducts language-training for expats; wisdom in raising their children (esp. for A., as she starts kindergarten in the fall); continued provision of all the funds they need to live & work.

Why exactly should Christians care about poverty around the world?  John Piper has an answer for you here.

The devastating earthquake in Haiti occurred only 4 months ago, but already, that nation has fallen out of media coverage and off our radar.  But God hasn’t turned His heart away from Haiti, and neither should we; let’s align with Him in prayer for all of the incredibly urgent needs in Haiti, including the need for Christ’s light to shine more brightly than ever in that country.


May 25, 2010

Please join us today in praying for D. & J. (and children J., M. & B.), as they serve the Lord to advance His Kingdom in China.  Pray for pending visa applications & safe passage for the 20 church leaders planning to come to NY for a month-long church-planting training with Tim Keller; plans for the Lausanne Conference in South Africa in the fall; and the family’s transition back to the U.S. on Home Assignment.

People use the term “counter-cultural Christian” all the time, but do you ever wonder, “How can followers of Christ be a counter-culture for the common good?”  Get some insight about this here

Join us TONIGHT at 8PM for a special MOW’10 Prayer Meeting at Alex & Sharon L.’s home (12 Sylvia Ave, Ardsley).

As of May 25 . . .

B. is halfway through his study program in the U.S.  Despite the jet lag and busy schedule he is doing well with the intensive full-day classes.  We have been able to talk regularly over the computer.  We’re so thankful that technology helps us connect so easily over long distances.

Here at home, we have also been keeping busy.  The linguistics workshop that I attended in February has been helpful as I’m reviewing drafts from Genesis and Exodus.  It is extra quiet in the mornings when the kids are at school so it’s been a productive time for me to work.  A. & N. are quite happy with school and friends, but they are looking forward to their dad returning next week.

Please pr for B. as he finishes this week of classes, then flies to ATL for the weekend.  He will be leaving the U.S. next Tuesday, and will have a full schedule as soon as he returns.

Thank you for continuing to pr for us. . .

As of May 25 . . .

The authorities are now approaching all 20 individuals [those who are planning to come to NY for month-long ch-planting training w/Tim Keller] across China; some have been threatened.   Some from more rural and traditional networks have expressed that they are worried and may consider backing out.   My colleague just came back from meeting with the authorities and reassured them that we are just attending a CP training event, nothing political.   The Beijing police are more civilized and have agreed not to stop us but are not happy.   We believe this would be a good precursor to Lausanne and when we return from NY, they will have more trust in these leaders.   Pray! Pray! Pray!

The time has come for Ken K’s student’s annual show. This year it’s “Pajama Game” which is showing this Wednesday and Thursday, May 26th and 27th, at 7pm.

The noreSERVations group will be attending on Wednesday evening and will be taking the 5:33pm express train from White Plains. If you’d like to join, please contact John H. or Will L. Thank you.