An Even Start Christmas!

December 2, 2008

NHF is collecting Christmas gifts for 62 Even Start children. If you have not yet signed up to provide a gift, we would appreciate you doing so through this google doc. UPDATE: We have gifts for all the children, many thanks to all of you who donated.

  • All 62 gifts for ES children are accounted for.
  • Please securely attach a label/card to each gift with child’s full (if available) name, age & Bible verse/message of God’s love.
  • All gifts should be brought to church on Sun 12/14. A gift table will be set up during fellowship time.
  • Christie Lim & Siow Ying Tan will keep track of the gifts at church & on a google doc, which can be viewed by clicking here
  • The gifts will be delivered by Walter/Sunia J., Robert N., Raimund/Maria S. & Siow Ying T. to the ES holiday gathering on 12/16.
  • According to the ES director, ES families live hard lives (i.e., several families share an apartment) & have difficulty affording basic goods. This year, NHF is the only organization providing gifts
  • ES very much appreciates NHF’s provision of gifts
  • Parents are encouraged to involve their children in preparing gifts

Thank you very much for your participation in this effort to broadcast God’s love.

–Christian Formation, Missions & Outreach