Hi,  as a part of sharing ideas on what we are studying in our care groups at NHF, our group (STUDIO) studied Psalm 1 (Chapter 1 of the study guide) last week.

Jenny and Jimmy Ahn led the study and one of the things that they did with the group was to memorize Psalm 1 during the group meeting. We memorized and recited to each other the first 3 verses of Psalm 1. It was good to have these memorized as it caused us to meditate on them during the week as well.

Also, if anyone is interested, there was a very good sermon by Tim Keller on Psalm 1, titled “Bridge to Prayer”, which is a good companion to the study. If you like to hear the sermon, here is the link:


Thanks and we would love to hear from other groups what they are doing in the Psalm study.

-chae –

on behalf of the STUDIO group.