Commending Christ: The Pastor, the Church, and the Perishing
Desiring God 2009 Conference for Pastors

On my business trip to and from Boston this past week, I was able to listen to most of the sermons from the recent Desiring God 2009 Conference for Pastors, gathering of 1500 pastors from around the world on Feb 2-4, 2009. My dear brothers & sisters of New Hope,  I do hope that you will take the time to listen or watch these sermons. They challenged me, moved me to tears, and made me realize once again the importance of evangelism and missions. The 3 keynote sermons by Mark Dever (Capital Hill Baptist Church) clearly laid out what Gospel means, and the responsibilities and the joys we have in sharing this precious Gospel with people around us.

Matt Chandler (Village Church, Dallas) spoke on evangelism, especially in our American context where the society has been dulled by ‘cheap grace’, legalism, and post-modernism. Michael Oh (Korean American from Philadelphia) is a missionary in Japan, leading church planting ministry as well as a seminary for training young Japanese believers.  John Piper, as is tradition, gave a biographical message on evangelist George Whitefield.

These conference messages were especially relevant for us at NHF in 2009 as we make special efforts on the ‘broadcast’ part of our NHF vision.