As-Am Heritage Festival: Reviewlet

May 31, 2009

It’s late and it’s been a long day, but in case you were waiting by your computer with bated breath, refreshing your browser over and over again to see if a recap of NHF’s day at the Westchester County Asian American Heritage Festival had been posted, here’s a little tidbit.  (When we’ve all slept off our fresh-air tiredness, we’ll post some pictures too, and perhaps some quiplets from those who joined us to spend the beautiful day together.)

Before anything else is said, glory & praise must be lifted up to God for the incredible opportunity for NHF to get out there and represent, before our immediate community, the expression of our Christian faith as an integral part of the Asian-American journey.  Thanks also to our brothers of the Men’s Ministry for doing all the hard work, all the little but significant things that are always taken for granted but should never be.  And finally, God bless Weijing for his infectious love for our community, his unending enthusiasm to motivate us together for this day, his deep desire for all to come to know Christ, and his encouragement to us to play a vital role in being Christ’s ambassadors.

A short but wonderfully touching reflection from Weijing, after the jump …

Just a quick note to let everyone know what a wonderful time we had at the festival.  Perhaps someone else will write a more detailed blog. 🙂

In the final weeks of preparation, everyone in the Men’s Group collaborated, giving great ideas and taking the initiative to take care of every aspect and detail of the entire operation. Then, members of the Communication Ministry prepared, on short notice, new versions of the NHF brochure as well as beautiful posters that display what NHF is all about.

Today at the event, different individuals and families came to help out at various time slots, and it was such a joyful activity that no one really left.  The kids had a wonderful time watching the various cultural shows and play kids activities, and our booth was at a primary location.  We handed out a lot of literature to seekers, but also offer resources to bless many believers who attend other churches in the county.

Through this event I truly feel the image of different parts of one Body that we call New Hope, and come to appreciate the hidden talents and strengths of so many individuals that I am proud to be united with in Christ.  A seeker remarked to me how evident it was that our group has such seamless preparation, and I told them the truth, that when we are all expressing our faith in Christ by our passions, somehow all our actions are orchestrated into a beautiful harmony.  That seems to be what NHF is all about, broadcasting the love of God in visible ways.


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