U09: Days Are Limited, So Act Now!

May 26, 2009

It’s not too late to still be thinking, praying and deciding about being part of U09, this year’s trip to our sister church, New Hope Church, in Kremenchuk, UA.

Please see Robert N., and/or Cathy C. for more details; the sooner the better!

  • Trip Dates: July 21 – 31 (Tue. – Fri.)
  • Weekly training: begins Sunday, June 7

Find decision-making help after the jump …

Join and learn …

  • what it was like the moment U07 (the first NHF team) learned that its partner church was ALSO named New Hope!
  • what it sounds like to hear Luda’s raucous laughter echoing off of empty hotel hallways in the dead of night!
  • how high Yura can launch you in the air off an inner tube floating in the middle of the Dnipro River!
  • what it sounds like to hear “How Great Is Our God” being sung in Russian in 3-part harmony!
  • how quickly you can learn to read Cyrillic and sound out Russian words!  (U09 team average: 1.5 days)
  • how NOT to get robbed!
  • how conversation on the beach + fellowship & relaxation + worship & Bible study = souls won to Christ!

Come and see …

  • what it really means that believers are family-members connected by the blood of Christ
  • the rich culture, the complex lives, the vibrant heart and deep needs of Ukrainians
  • how much you come to love cabbage
  • how a “baby church” like NHC devotes nearly 100% of its time, energy, heart and funds to reaching out to its community
  • how teachable, adaptable, flexible, gracious, generous, obedient, patient, loving and faithful you can actually be when powered by the Spirit of God
  • God at work.  Visibly.

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