Update: D. & J. (China)

May 26, 2009

We’ve just received a note with some praises & prayer requests, from our friends D. & J.  Please lift them up this week:

  • T. Keller. is there right now, to meet with 8 urban house-church leaders to “explore a strategic mission global partnership between two urban intellectual centers.”  Keller will also meet with 25 young leaders to train & empower them on the issue of church-planting among urban intellectuals.  Please pray for safety, trust, vision and follow-up.
  • The consulting business / language school was recently fined approximately $700 USD for a recent legal / immigration infraction.  Rather than fight this fine in court (and face the great potential of this business being shut down), they have decided to pay the fine, resolve the case and move forward in power & grace.  Praise God!
  • They are looking forward to early June’s Lausanne International Leadership Meeting in Seoul.  3 of the country’s top house-church leaders will be meeting world Evangelical leaders for the first time!
  • They are also hoping to bring 10 Young Leaders to Urbana 2009 (taking place in St. Louis, MO, at the end of the year).

2 Responses to “Update: D. & J. (China)”

  1. chris Says:

    wow, keller and beijing house churches – titillating combination.

  2. DK Says:

    no joke

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