Hi guys,
I wanted to quickly give you an update on our first service back with Agape Youth on 2/5/17.  It was really great to be back with the kids. We had about 60 youth worship together today. The passage today was 1 Peter 3:18. The main message was that Christ suffered and died for us to bring us to God, so the way is wide upon for us to go to God this year. We had 15 new graduates of King’s Kids who joined us (see picture). We’re really excited about what God will do in raising up future leaders and saving many kids who are lost and without hope in Havana. Please keep us in your prayers, that the word of the Lord would spread rapidly and be glorified.

God’s love,



some more pics #2

August 22, 2016


Some More Pics

August 22, 2016


Hi New Hope!  Our apologies for not having wifi during the Agape Youth Bible Camp, thus, not being able to post any updates.  God has done some amazing things in the 2nd Annual Agape Youth Bible Camp.  Praise God for his goodness and faithfulness.  There are way too many things to share but some of the memorable highlights as stated by various N16 team members:  “Such a sweet time of fellowship, sharing , prayer, and loving these precious young children of Windhoek.”  “I was surprised that despite them having so little, many seem to have a depth to their faith.”  “Prayer times after the each worship service was increasingly intense, culminating in the final night of extended singing and prayer with many shed tears as the Holy Spirit was working in them.”  “So hard to leave these kids and to leave Africa.”  “The last night at the bonfire was filled with 5 amazing, powerful testimonies by our Chloe Yoon and then some of the Windhoek children.”  “many of the kids have deep dislike against another from a different tribe, so after the Unity/Racism seminar, we washed each others feet which was very powerful for many of them.”  “When you take these kids out of their local neighborhoods and give them a shower and 3 meals, they just seem like “normal” kids.  You easily forget where they live and the painful lives that they live back home.”  ….and the stories and blessings could go on and on.  We thank- you so much for your prayers during this entire process from the early planning to our last day in Africa.  Look forward to seeing everyone and sharing the amazing work that God is doing in Namibia!

In Jesus,

Namibia 16 team





Day 5 and 6, all business

August 18, 2016

Hello dearest brothers and sisters,

It has been all business the last 2 days prepping all the materials (sermons, small groups, Purity and Unity/Racism seminars, structure and schedule) of the 2nd annual Bible camp. We have seen many of the same kids from last year and some have become Christians and many have grown significantly spiritually. One boy in particular named Reuben (on the back right of the below picture) was so so hungry to learn about the Word of God and constantly is asking us to explain and interpret the meaning of different scriptural text. Another boy named Phellepouss (in the back left of the below picture), was one of the poorest of the youth and doing the most poorly in school being many many grades behind. He often would come on Sunday service and the others would tell Steve that he really needs some food right away. Most kids eat one meal a day or every 2 days. Phellepouss sometime would not have eaten for several days. The first days kids were asked to recited memorized John 15:1-17, Phellepouss stood up and while many of the kids were laughing and doubting him, Phellepouss Perfectly recited the whole passage! All the kids roared in a cheer as Steve and Korean missionaries began to cry. Now Phellepouss’ demeanor is rapidly changing and he has been faithful in attending Sunday Service and God seems to be changing him.

A girl named, Taimi, was getting beaten every time she attended Agape Youth group service but STILL attend Sunday service faithfully and we somehow were able to convince her legal guardian to let her attend.

This will be a short post as we are packing to depart to a nearby campsite for the bible camp. We are not sure if there will be wifi there so will give an extended post when we return.

Thank-you New Hope,

in Christ,

N16 team


Hi New Hope!

Most of the team spent the morning at Hope Village, in a poor area of Windhoek.  Many were return visitors and the kids immediately recognized us.  Once again, the kids seemed more hungry for hugs and affection more than food or water.  Just as last tim they all seemed much smaller than normal for their age and the kids that we recognized from last year did not seem to have grown.  But yet, they seemed very very happy.  Strange.  Timmy said that he felt a little guilty because they are lacking so much yet they still seem happy and smile.  A love gift of $500 was given to the orphanage.  Thank-you New Hope Fellowship.  Then part of the team again went to the homes of Agape Youth group kids to encourage them to sign up for the coming bible camp and to meet their legal guardian and their families.  A tiring but fruitful day.  IMG_1073.JPGIMG_1059.JPG  IMG_4407IMG_1032.JPG

A brief post…

The rest of the team arrived Monday after approximately 24 hrs of traveling. Peter, Linda, Timmy, Chloe, Jen Chon, Min-Jung now have joined the rest of the team. Shortly after arriving the whole team had a delicious BBQ at Pastor Park’s home. A very funny meeting entirely in K-eunglish (broken Korean + broken English). In the end, it seems that we all are more on the same page in planning for the Agape Youth Bible camp. Tomorrow, several team members will be heading to Hope Village orphanage to visit the 90 plus orphans that we developed some relationships with last year and then will go into the neighborhoods of many of the Agape Youth for house-visits.

Thank-you NHF,

In Jesus,

IMG_1652.JPGN16 Team