Agape Youth Update 3/12/17

March 14, 2017

Dear New Hope,
We had our first evangelism outing of the year this Saturday in an area called Samora Machel. God provided a great turnout of kids who were eager to share God’s word and they were able to find many kids in the neighborhood to share the gospel with. We use a gospel tract called “Two Ways to Live”. It’s an amazing thing to see God using these kids to bring the good news to other youth in Havana. What we’ve seen is that these evangelism outings really bring kids into Agape Youth and they end up staying, becoming regular members. Today, about 10 new kids came to our service through the evangelism outing. Praise God! Please pray that these new kids may experience the love of Christ at Agape Youth and have their eyes opened to see Jesus.

Other prayer request:
1. One of our boys we’ve been discipling for over a year in worship team decided to quit abruptly and is not even coming to services anymore. Please pray for God to soften his heart and give him a heart to come back.
2. Please pray that we can get our Koinonia groups started soon. (Kids leading groups during the week to read the bible and pray)

God’s love,



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