Agape Youth Bible Camp finished, heading home.

August 22, 2016

Hi New Hope!  Our apologies for not having wifi during the Agape Youth Bible Camp, thus, not being able to post any updates.  God has done some amazing things in the 2nd Annual Agape Youth Bible Camp.  Praise God for his goodness and faithfulness.  There are way too many things to share but some of the memorable highlights as stated by various N16 team members:  “Such a sweet time of fellowship, sharing , prayer, and loving these precious young children of Windhoek.”  “I was surprised that despite them having so little, many seem to have a depth to their faith.”  “Prayer times after the each worship service was increasingly intense, culminating in the final night of extended singing and prayer with many shed tears as the Holy Spirit was working in them.”  “So hard to leave these kids and to leave Africa.”  “The last night at the bonfire was filled with 5 amazing, powerful testimonies by our Chloe Yoon and then some of the Windhoek children.”  “many of the kids have deep dislike against another from a different tribe, so after the Unity/Racism seminar, we washed each others feet which was very powerful for many of them.”  “When you take these kids out of their local neighborhoods and give them a shower and 3 meals, they just seem like “normal” kids.  You easily forget where they live and the painful lives that they live back home.”  ….and the stories and blessings could go on and on.  We thank- you so much for your prayers during this entire process from the early planning to our last day in Africa.  Look forward to seeing everyone and sharing the amazing work that God is doing in Namibia!

In Jesus,

Namibia 16 team






One Response to “Agape Youth Bible Camp finished, heading home.”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Praising The Lord for His faithfulness and steadfast love! How amazing is the love of our Father in Heaven. There are no words to describe the gratefulness to The Lord, but to fall to ones knees in adoration and awe. Praise be to God almighty, may it be He who receives all glory, honor and praise. For He is the creator of Heaven and earth and He has graciously shown His great kingdom fall on the youth in Namibia!

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