Day 4, Hope Village Orphanage and more house visits

August 16, 2016

Hi New Hope!

Most of the team spent the morning at Hope Village, in a poor area of Windhoek.  Many were return visitors and the kids immediately recognized us.  Once again, the kids seemed more hungry for hugs and affection more than food or water.  Just as last tim they all seemed much smaller than normal for their age and the kids that we recognized from last year did not seem to have grown.  But yet, they seemed very very happy.  Strange.  Timmy said that he felt a little guilty because they are lacking so much yet they still seem happy and smile.  A love gift of $500 was given to the orphanage.  Thank-you New Hope Fellowship.  Then part of the team again went to the homes of Agape Youth group kids to encourage them to sign up for the coming bible camp and to meet their legal guardian and their families.  A tiring but fruitful day.  IMG_1073.JPGIMG_1059.JPG  IMG_4407IMG_1032.JPG


2 Responses to “Day 4, Hope Village Orphanage and more house visits”

  1. Yanghee Says:

    I’m in tears while seeing the pictures of you with the children. My prayer is that God keeps pouring out His love for them through you. I am so blessed with daily posting. Thanks so much!!

  2. Nancy Says:

    I agree with Yanghee. As I look upon these pictures of the beautiful children, my heart longs to be there too. How precious are their wide smiles and the sparkle that is in their eyes as they play and are embraced by Jesus’s love through your all. So blessed and amazed at His handiwork!! Love you all and continuing to pray for more of His Holy Spirit!!

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