Day 1, home visits in Havana

August 13, 2016

Hi New Hope!

The team spent the day in Havana, a town where many of the Windhoek kids live.  We met the newly formed worship team for the Agape Youth group, a group of young Windhoek kids that Steve has been discipling.  The morning started of with several of the Agape Youth worship team members reciting John 15:1-17 perfectly by memory!  Amazing!  With the worship team of Windhoek kids leading us, we went to the homes of some of kids that were on the “fringe” of the Agape youth group.  We were able to go to many homes and meet their families.  The poverty was quite striking yet many still had ear to ear smiles.  Many live in homes that during the day function as a drinking bar called “shebeens” where men come to drink alcohol.  Many of the girls work in these bars to make money.  Homemade alcohol, called Tombo, is pervasive in most homes and very young children become exposed to this and even begin drinking this at a very young age.  The homes have no electricity or running water.  There are stations where they pay money and may obtain drinking water.  Occasionally we saw people carrying large plastic tubs to carry drinking and bathing water home.  The homes were one room, dirt floor, and thick aluminum foil looking walls and roofing.  Most homes had a female, matriarchal-figure present with a noticeable absence of a male, Father-figure at home.

Please pray for Chris Yoon.  He shared a bit of feeling overwhelmed and helpless with the vastness of the extreme poverty and not being able to help and do more for more kids.  In our nightly prayer/sharing time, Steve reminded us that this is all that they know and that kids have adjusted to this.  The “western” mentality of needing more money, food, wealth, material possessions is not what they truly need.  Their real need is the Gospel and to know Jesus.

Please, please pray for Steve Hong as he is run down and may have the beginning of a virus/cold.  Also for Daniel as he too has been lethargic and with headache and fatigue/malaise.  The teams health over the next 1.5 weeks is so much needed as much work is yet to come.

Tomorrow we will be able to attend 3 worship services (2 services with Windhoek youth and one Korean service with the Missionaries).

Thank-you, New Hope and friends.  Your prayers are sustaining us and helping us to Abide in Christ.

In Jesus,

N16 team.




One Response to “Day 1, home visits in Havana”

  1. Praying for you guys today — for encouragement and unity in Spirit, as you meet our Savior in those around you and find His faithfulness ever more sure each day. Looking forward to hearing more updates as able!

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