Namibia 2016 Mission Trip August 11-23

August 10, 2016


The team is about to leave NY for Windhoek, Namibia. The team consists of Jennifer Chon, Minjung Kim,  Alex Lee, Sharon Lee, Kate Lee, Daniel Lee, Tobias Lee, Robert Nechols, Peter Yoon, Linda Yoon, Chloe Yoon, Timothy Yoon,  and Chris Yoon.

Located in the southwestern corner of the African continent, Namibia is a country torn apart by years of colonization and infection by HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, and is a fatherless generation. The infection rate by HIV is one of the highest in Africa.  Our team from NHF will join efforts with long-term missionaries Steve & Seoyeon Hong, who have been working to educate disadvantaged youths (ages 12-19) from the poverty-stricken areas of Windhoek the importance of believing, treasuring, and trusting Christ.

Over the course of the 10 days, the team plans to assist the Korean missionaries by

  • visiting homes of the youth group members
  • assisting in the English Youth Ministry by offering English translation and teaching support
  • reuniting and encouraging the Hope Village Orphan Ministry camp
  • leading a Purity Seminar for both the male and female youth
  • organizing and leading a 3-day Youth Bible Camp

The trip will finish with the Youth Bible camp where the team will function as camp leaders/mentors. We will be worshipping, praying and studying Scripture together. Through it all, we’ll get to know the kids individually, learn about their lives, hopes, fears, and encourage them to have hope for the future in Christ.

Let’s pray for this team, for their love for Christ to grow even greater before, during, and after the trip, and for their love for the youth in Namibia to cause them to be bold for Christ, and also for team unity so that the Gospel will be evident in how the team is united in loving and serving Jesus.


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