U12 Update. July 20

July 20, 2012

Hi, below is update from Rachel Ahn on the last day at the camp..

Hey New Hope Family!
As you might already be aware, Wifi signal has been quite poor in the area weʼve
been staying so we apologize that this blog took so long to post. Overall, the team is
spiritually, physically and mentally very well. It has been quite special seeing what God
has been doing.
God is truly amazing. Spending eight days here has made our team realize that New
Hope Fellowship (Tarrytown) and New Hope Church (Kremenchuk) are truly sister
churches all possible through Christ. There are members at New Hope Church that
remind us of members at New Hope Fellowship. Like New Hope Fellowship, New Hope
Church had just finished sermons on 1 Corinthians. We even run into other church
members at our local supermarket. For New Hope Church itʼs AMCTOP (“Ahm-store”)
and for New Hope Fellowship, itʼs H Mart 🙂
Hereʼs a quick breakdown of our day: (Most of the camp activities happen every day. So
it is also a look into what we did everyday.)
-Every morning we would wake up and gather for a morning devotional. This morning,
we read through Isaiah 43: v. 1-7 &10 to start off our day. We had a time of worship with
“I Will Follow You” and “My Heart is Overwhelmed”.
-Went down for an awesome breakfast
– We took a 15 minute van ride to the camp site only to be greeted by a cheerful crowd
of beautiful children
-Jacques led the camp with a final day of warm up.
-The morning session consisted of the welcome intro, the camp dance, free stuff (prize
giveaway), a video (of a message about Christ), sports/activities results from the
previous day and worship with the Rock Band.
-Todayʼs morning craft was to squeeze out all of the remaining dye in the tie-die shirts
the kids made. As they hung on the side rails to dry, we couldnʼt help but praise God
that the tie-dye t-shirts were a success! They came out beautifully.
-The sports were all water-related games (meaning water ballon tosses and two crazy
relay races)
-The afternoon session consisted of one last camp dance, sports results for the water
games, Best of the Best (the equivalent to our talent show), games and a final time of
worship with the Rock Band
-We ended the night with a debrief, devotional and prayer.
-Our devotional came from Acts 28:28 “Therefore, let it be known to you that this
salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles; they will listen.”
-Our closing prayer came from our hearts. We prayed these children would know that
there is nothing else in this world like the love of our savior Jesus
Thank you New Hope for your prayers! It is so evident that Godʼs presence has been
upon us throughout the duration of this trip. There was no rain this week and the days
here have been bright. As we were stretching, it seemed as though the sun shined
especially bright this morning which I found to be quite symbolic. The illuminated day
was a reassurance that our team can leave with peace knowing that God would be
shining His light over these children beyond camp.
-Pastor Sashaʼs vision is to have a monthly youth group gathering so that this fire for
God would not end this week but rather it would continue in the heart of these children
Prayer Requests:
-Please pray for tomorrowʼs family olympic where many parents (of the kidʼs that
attended the camp) will be attending; that God would use New Hope to speak to the
parents and that God would use these pre-teen/teenagers to minister to their parents.
-Please pray for another beautiful day so the kids and parents of the teens at camp
would have a blessed day.
-Please pray for traveling mercies as to head to Kiev tomorrow morning


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