U12 Update. July 19

July 19, 2012

Hi, below is update from the team via Jacques.

Almost there.

As we enter the last day I am sure it will be emotional.  Pastor Sasha, during the debriefing, warned the leaders not to be too emotional on Friday. For we don’t want the kids to believe this is the end, and its the last time we will see them. (Very wise words I thought.)
He has expressed to everyone to be in prayer about doors opening up for more opportunities to continue the relationship with the kids.
We had dinner with the ‘core’ leaders of new hope tonight. Got to hear some of their journey and where the church is headed. Great conversation, with many questions answered and dreams shared about reaching the Gospel in Kremenchuk (spell that right?).
Made me think about how we (NHF) can reach our community, friends, families, and people we know more. 
At this point I am wondering if my reason, “Its a cultural thing. They can do that kind of stuff in PLACE ANY OTHER NATION HERE, we can’t in NY/US.”, is more of an excuse and less of a reason. 
Hope that makes sense.
Thank you for all your prayers! They are working!! Believe me!!

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