Update from U12 team (July 17, 2012)

July 17, 2012

 Hi, New Hope. Below is an email report from Jacques on behalf of the team on July 17,2012
Another day in the bag. Team is safe and secure.
Tired….but feeling good.
Amazing how being on the “front lines” of ministry you don’t use the excuse of “I’m tired” anymore. mmmm…Perhaps its because we know its temporary? 😉
Today was a heavy day of prayer. The team was praying both individually and corporately a number of times.
A lot on the hearts, specially as we get to know the people and their struggles here. (Never realized what a prayer warrior Sunny is!! WOW!!)
I think we have figured out the internet issue, so hoping that tomorrow I can attach a ‘letter’ from Rachel that you can send out to the whole church.
Trying to upload big sites with the horrible internet connection has been extremely hard. So I think this is the best way we can handle it. 
Went out to dinner with Pastor Sasha and his family tonight. Had a fun time. And Sunny and I got some one on one time with Pastor Sasha to talk, ….. (His plans, how it operates, different ministries, etc.) Good talk. A lot to process and relay back to the mission ministry.
… Off to bed I go.
Praying for you guys back home. Keeping good fight over there!

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