A Day at the ACTS29 Regional Conference

April 21, 2012

Several of us from NHF had a chance to spend a day in NYC at the ACTS29 Regional Conference, hosted by the Apostles Church in NYC. The main session was by Jerry Gillis, author of Followship: The Essence Of Our Journey With Jesus and pastor of The Chapel, in Buffalo, NY. Jerry spoke on the vision for Gospel saturation, reminding us that our mission is to declare among the nations God’s glory (Ps 96:3), ie to saturate the world with the Gospel. How do we best do this with our church?  He gave four practical strategies:

1. Geographical intentionality. Identify the area/towns.county that the church wants to reach, including the foreign missions and be narrow and deep.

2. Partnership with greater body of Christ, ie with other like-minded churches

3. Interdependency in leadership  (Ephesians 4:11-12)

4. Spiritual formation: What outcomes do we want from this work?

  • People who understand and share the Gospel; starting with HE(Christ), then WE (church is testimony to God’s faithfulness and grace), and ME (tell God’s story)
  • People who identify and use their spiritual gifts for the common good
  • People who have intimacy with the Father
  • People who develop Christ-like relationships with others

We split up into 4 very helpful breakout sessions:  gospel saturation in neighborhoods via community groups, vocational networks, partnerships for global missions, and in leading worship. 

It was a good day to be with brothers at NHF and with the brothers of ACTS29 network who love Christ, love the church, and love to have the Gospel be saturated in our world.


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