URGENT M/O UPDATE: China, Outdoor Worship Aftermath

April 20, 2011

As of April 14:

After one of the Pastors, Li Xiao Bai, was released from police custody, he has been under house arrest since 5pm of Wed. While under custody, Pastor Li was tortured. The government continues to show its strength through torture, detaining the leadership at their homes and intimidating the church members. Church members have lost their jobs because the police have pressured their bosses, others have been kicked out of their homes by their landlords again due to pressure from the authorities. Others received horrific threats on the phone warning them not to attend this Sunday.  

* “This is a great spiritual battle.  The whole situation is not kind to us.  Keep praying for us.”  With all this terrible news, there are some encouraging things taking place.

* “We had 3 nights good time prayers for the whole church, every night have 100+ attended.  Members are inspired.”

*The Beijing Pastors Prayer Fellowship sent out the 2nd public prayer letter yesterday.  Now 14 other Beijing churches are involved in unifying behind SW in prayer support.


As of April 16:

Urgent! Senior pastor Tian Ming was just brought into the Haidian police station. Pastor Li Xiao Bai was also brought to his local police. The rest of the elders and pastors are all under house arrest. Situation similiar with last Sunday but worse! The church seems to be losing its leadership. Please keep praying!  Around 8pm EST tonight (8am Sunday morning Beijing Standard time) is when the confrontation will take place.  Last Sunday over 2,800 Beijing police and security agents were mobilized.  In a few hours, it will be much worse.

From one who just got detained and brought under home arrest:  “Our heart inside is in peace. May God help us in His mighty power!”

Pastor Tian Ming is back from the police after 12 hours. Pastor Li was sent home late night 0:30. The rest of the church leaders are all under house arrest. Pastor Xiao Feng was caught at a nearby restaurant and taken to the police station. Most church members are under house arrest.


As of April 18:

Monday 17:30 BST. All 47 members arrested in the 25 police stations around Beijing have come back. All members have run into big battles to rescue them as love was showed among us. They were good witnesses in every station. More leaders are under house arrest and the coming day is unclear. But we believe this, God will open the door for us.


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