M/O Prayer Requests: D. & J. (China)

April 5, 2011

D. lets us know that a 3-day prayer & fasting period has been set and announced:

Dear Pastors,

I will give an general announcement of the present condition at ShouWang Church. Today, during Sunday worship, we have announced our plan to hold our meetings outdoor in 10 days, we have also announced that starting tomorrow, April 4, the entire church congregation will fast for three days. Each person can decide whether he/she would fast for 1 or 2 or 3 days base on the Spirit’s prompting.

We would invite every pastor and church to pray for us. We deeply feel that this is not something we can accomplish by ourselves, but we ask the God Omnipotent to have mercy on us, to act on our behalves and open the door for us.


Our prayer items are:

1.  We ask God to open a door out of our present dilemma which is to choose an amicable solution to resolve the problem of where to meet.  Our choices are between obtaining the permit to rent an indoor meeting hall or to begin meeting in the new church which we have already purchased.

2.  While the entire church fasts to seek the Lord’s guidance for the upcoming outdoor gathering, we ask for the Holy Spirit Himself to be present and active in our lives. We pray that the Holy Spiritwould remove all selfish ambition, impetuosity and fears from our hearts sothat when we are faced with all sorts of challenges (whether it ‘d be in our work, families, career or personal safety), we may rely solely on the gentleness and humility of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to respond with calmness.

3、  魔鬼撒但想借次机会分裂和搞教会,求主保守教会的合一。即使我们观点不同,但仍能在中彼此接和承担。
3.    The Devil, Satin, would like to use this opportunity to fracture and even crush the church. We ask the Lord to preserve the unity of our church. Despite of all the differences in our points of view, we pray that we may submit to and bear with one another in love.

At the same time, I have also included all questions and answers which were asked during the Sunday worship.  I offer them up for your consideration and reference that while you pray for us, you mayhave a clearer understanding of our present plight.

May God Himself bless the work of our hands!


Liu Guan


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