M/O Update: S. & H. (Central Asia)

March 9, 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

We wanted to give a quick update about E.  I (S.) visited him on last Sunday (Feb. 27). When I called him, E. was at the local mosque making lunch for some local elders.  Wondering if he would be there the whole day, I went to the mosque to see him.  As I approached the mosque, a group of men were outside the mosque getting ready to go in.  They didn’t exactly give me the most welcoming look, but I asked if they knew E.  They all shook their heads and said that they didn’t.  “Oh great, he’s standing me up!” I thought.  I called him again and he said that he would come right now.  Not a minute later, he popped out of the gate and gave me a traditional handshake and hug.  Immediately, the group’s countenance completely changed and I was now a friend.

We went to his house and sat with his wife and his older sister.  I talked to him about the need to read Word and know Jesus.  As we talked, I could see the Spirit working in their hearts.  E.’s older sister even talked about Jesus being the Son of God – that Jesus came directly from God and so is called His Son.  This is a huge misunderstanding amongst Muslims and so to hear her say this was a tremendous encouragement.

Then this past Sunday, H. and I both went to spend time with them.  E. shared that he kept checking his cell phone to see if I had called!  As we talked and shared, we learned that God had done a powerful work in E.’s life.  He had been an alcoholic for 18 years.  He sheepishly admitted that he could polish off two bottles of vodka all by himself!  Yet, he was now completely sober.  He had tried to stop before, but with no success.  Instead, he had to go to the hospital because of terrible withdrawal symptoms.  Well, we found out that he stopped drinking after our first meeting about two months ago.  During that meeting, a local believer had prayed with him to receive Jesus.  I didn’t think much about it and the time, but as we talked this past Sunday, E. realized that his drinking had stopped right after he prayed.  E.’s wife, M., just smiled and said, “I already knew that he was cured of his drinking after he had prayed to Jesus”.  PTL!  God does seem to have His Hand on this family.  We had mentioned before that their believing son who had been killed during fighting this past June must have been praying for his family.  We are now seeing the fruit of those prayers and yours!

While they are open, they still need to see how special Jesus was and is to their lives.  We will be meeting with them to talk more about sin and repenting of specific sins.  This is a key step to really move forward in their walk with Him.

Pray for H. and me as we prepare for this.   Ask for the Spirit’s leading and specifically for the Spirit to reveal their sin to both E. and M. so that the power of the Gospel might be made known to them.

Thanks for our prayers.  They are absolutely crucial right now as people are starting to come to know Jesus.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.


S. & H.


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