M/O Update: B. & H. (SE Asia)

March 9, 2011

Dear friends,

Last month B’s trip to attend the leaders’ meetings went well, and so did the software training that H organized.  Thanks for pr.ing for us.
This month promises to be full also.  In a week, B will be traveling to a yearly consultation where colleagues from various countries meet to study the Word and encourage one another in their work with cousins.  We are also planning our yearly retreat/meeting, which will be held at the end of March.  All the BT teams whom we supervise will be coming from different parts of the country, and we hope it will be a good time for them to reconnect and be refreshed.
We really need your pr.s for 2 things in particular:
* Please pr for the visas that we need. At the end of March we need another 1-month visa, which will last until our trip to the US in late April. Our long-term visa is in process and hopefully will be ready by July.
* Please continue to pr for our finances. We have been low on support for over a year now.  Many of our financial partners have consistently sent monthly support, for which we are grateful.  However, several supporters have not been able to continue giving due to financial hardship.
B & H

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