MO Update: S. & H. (Central Asia)

February 24, 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

Hard to believe that already a month has passed since the January P & F Day. Thanks so much for lifting us up on that Saturday. We always feel that extra spiritual boost when so many of you pray for us on those special days. So please do keep those prayers coming.

Here is a short update on some of your prayer requests:


We have visited E. a few times, but each time we’ve gone, he’s not been at home.  Thankfully though, his wife has been and we’ve been able to talk with her about how powerfully Christ transforms lives.   Although it’s hard to tell where exactly she is in her spiritual journey, she’s listens intently and even seems to be telling others about Jesus.  One Sunday afternoon when we went, we found her and E.’s older sister watching the Miracle Maker – a claymation movie about Jesus that we had given to the family a week earlier.  We watched the end of it together and then I (S.) told them that we had another DVD with us – “Magdalena” which is a remake of the Jesus film from Mary Magdalene’s perspective.  They were both eager to see it and were fixated on the movie.  We then shared more about Jesus with them.  The time was good and we look forward to more talks with the wife as well as with E.’ older sister.

And while we’ve been excited about this initial openness and even acceptance of Christ, we’ve also noticed that this enthusiasm quickly fades away.  To be honest, we’ve been a bit discouraging by this at times; but we’re reminded that God is still at work and He is the one who will transform people’s hearts.  Please pray for the souls of those who have accepted or are open to His Truths.  Pray that the schemes of the enemy will not hinder them from following Jesus.  Pray also for all the different M’s who are sharing the Truth that we will first of all remain in the Vine and not lose heart as we try to follow His leading to see His Kingdom come to [this city].

And please continue to pray for E. and his family.  Pray for a spiritual breakthrough so that they can see Jesus for who He really is.  As we mentioned on the P & F requests, E.’s son who was killed in the June violence, was a believer.  We believe he lifted up many prayers for his family to come to know Jesus.  Please continue in those prayers for this family to come to know Him and to follow Him whole heartedly.


There’s been a bit of glitch in our plans to bring in the 17,500 chicks from the UK.  It’s a long story, but the internal transport company that works within London’s Heathrow Airport was not able to pack the crates onto the BMI flight that was scheduled to come to [the big city here].  After scrambling for different options, in the end, all 17,500 chicks had to be euthanized!  Needless to say, we were absolutely heartbroken by this.  But thankfully, the hatchery in the UK agreed to return our money for the chicks and now we are thinking of having the chicks delivered via a different route.  For those who have been keeping up with our updates, we flew in a batch of 15,000 chicks from the Netherlands last year via Almaty, Kazakhstan.  It was quite a bit of work, but it looks like we will have no choice, but to do this again. P ray for the process to go smoothly so that chicks will get here intact and healthy.

One last prayer requests is for our current batch of 2-month old chicks.  For about a week now, a number of the chicks have been dying and we are not able to pinpoint the cause.  Usually, the cause of death becomes evident fairly quickly, but this time it’s not.  Pray for the sickness and deaths to stop and for the remaining chicks to be healthy.

As always, we are grateful for all the prayers that you lift up for us and the work here.


S. & H.


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