NHF Softball, Brought to You By the Makers of Icy-Hot

July 19, 2010

This Sunday afternoon, NHF played in the championship round of the Play-For-Missions championship double-header. We faced our nemesis, Chodae College, in the first game. With some solid defense and timely hitting, NHF decisively won their game against Chodae 16-5.  NHF sustained some injuries during the hard-fought game and went on to face Chodae’s elder statesmen, Mosaic.

The intermission and barbecued food, in combination with some age-induced mortality, slowed us down and NHF was unable to sustain their intensity; NHF unfortunately lost this second game 13-8. But, by making the final game, we won $200 for Freeset and we have the beginnings of a trophy case for the Friendship Room.

Congratulations to all members of NHF softball on a great year and today’s supreme effort. Advil and ice packs will be provided at the next practice…eh, who am I kidding?

The Cubs have a saying that is appropriate for this: “Wait ’til next year…”. We will be back and we will be better. Spring training is right around the corner.



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