[U’10] July 14, 2010 – How Time Flies

July 14, 2010

Hi everyone,

Can u believe we’re only here for another day @ Camp, then 1 more day in Kiev, then home? Sad…

I was talking w/Pr Sasha this afternoon (no translator! Victory!), and we were saying how quickly the days flew by. He asked if it had been alright for us that we weren’t as busy as last year’s team was; I let him know that I thought it was alright, & that it was kinda nice to be able to “do as the Ukrainians do.”. In a way, it was more intimate for us to just live their lives w/them, rather than “work” thru “manufactured” events like we did last year. We agreed that tho that was fun, this year’s relaxed schedule allowed us to spend more time w/church ppl & nonbelievers here @ Camp. Pr Sasha also told me that after the children’s camp last wk and the youth sleepaway camp last week, more new families & youth were @ church; he was very encouraged by this, & said it was better feedback than the random street evang we did last summer. This year’s camps allowed more rel’ships to be made, @ least on an acquaintance level, & this was a better foundation for friendships, etc. We agreed, in ministry, u live & learn.

Today’s schedule was more of the same: small grps, volleyball, soccer, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing. We continue to sit & talk w/our friends & it’s fun sharing our lives w/ea other. The girls’ friendship-bracelet making factory has closed down; now Sunny is the only one who can’t seem to say “no” to every kid who asks for one. The Americans held their own quite well in volleyball AND soccer. It was another restful day…

Tonight, Chae & JH had a mtg w/Pr Sasha & a couple of other leaders from NHC. I hear it was a good mtg, and an invitation was extended to sponsor & host Pr Sasha & maybe a couple others next year or soon. This doesn’t nec preclude a NY team still coming over here, but perhaps our team might be smaller? Dunno yet… These are details still so preliminary, but it’s joyful to even think of the grace of God that allows us to hope for these details… He’s so fun sometimes!!!

Prior to today’s evening worship, the men in our team performed a little skit w/ their interpreters: they pretended to be the Russian interpreters while the real Ukr’ans spoke English & pretended to be American missionaries visiting K’chug. It was pretty darn funny, and of course we have it all on video. Advance apologies for my own hysterical cackling in the background. It was just too good!

JH preached on … I’m sorry to say I have no idea! Sunny came up w/the wonderful idea of serving our sisters @ NHC by relieving them in the Children’s Program so that they could listen to the sermon. So the 4 ladies hung out w/ the kids, singing some songs, and doing a keychain craft while our sisters were able to sit w/ the other adults. All the kids @ Camp this summer r super-little (the oldest being perhaps 8yo), so frankly, it was a little bit of a relief that JH’s sermon was really short today! =)

(It is now nighttime, a little bit after I started this message. I’m happy to report that the f’ship-bracelet factory is open for business again. Talk about addiction…)

We’re about to close our eyes for the last time in Camp. It’s that feeling of not wanting to b/c then tomm will come & if tomm comes, then so does our departure … We wish that our 2 churches, our 2 nations were closer. Sometimes, not often enuff, we make friends that r too sweet to be separated from. Even if all of us were able to promise to return, a year would be too long. Ahh, well….

Just in closing, I had a good private convo w/Pr Sasha tonight. In the busy-ness of these past days, it was wonderful to sit quietly w/him & catch up. Pls, dear friends & family: keep this man in ur prayers. He is a wise man. He loves the Lord so much. Even as he labours to grow his church & The Church & seeks to reach the lost, his only thought is of Jesus, not of himself, or numbers, or success. He is humble. He knows the Word. He has dreams & visions for his city & country. He is a loving husband & father. He is a jokester and laughs heartily. He is so many godly things. Pls pray for the Lord to continue to pour out grace, power, love, joy, humility, fruitfulness, patience, compassion, etc upon this man.

And pls do pray for his church – our church, really – that is so beloved. Pray for their members, their ministries, their outreach, their good effect thruout K’chug. But mostly, pls pray that their hearts would remain on fire for God, that in fact He would shower them w/His Hot Fire, and that sustenance & deep rootedness in His tree of life would be theirs.

Pls pray for us tonight, that we’d get good rest. We are beginning to feel some effects of tiredness (yes, playing & talking all day is hard work!), and we don’t want to peter out! We want to take good advantage of every moment of grace God gives us here. Pls pray for our team, and continued unity. Today, 1 of us mentioned that tho’ we love it here & we’re having a good time, still, when we meet w/ea other & hang out w/ea other, it’s a comfort. Not just bc we can speak w/o translators to ea other, but bc we know & see in ea other “teammate.”. Pls pray that this special comfort would continue to flow to us & b/w us, in Christ.

Thanks always for allowing the Lord to sustain us thru ur petitions. We rely on them.

We miss u & we love u,
c. On behalf of U10


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