[U’10] July 13, 2010 – There is lots of love here

July 13, 2010

Hi all,

Day 2 @ Camp is ending … Twas a rainy day today, but it provided much-needed rest 4 all. Even Pr Sasha got to take a nap.

Here’s the run-down:

– the girls began a friendship bracelet-making frenzy. All the kids @ Camp are occupied w/them, and today Sunny & I got into the fray. We spend lots of times altogether w/our heads bowed over our bracelets. The girls decided they’ll make them for Freeset & they can be part of the 2011 product line…

– we met in our small grps today, each of us in one w/our translators, & the girls w/the yth grp. We introduced ourselves, gave our testimonies &/or talked about last nite’s sermon. It was sweet to sit with our friends in a more intimate setting & it felt like we were really prt of the church body…

– as we hung out on the beach before lunch, it started to thunder, so we made like a newborn & got out. (Ew.). And this is when ppl retreated to their rooms for rest & relaxation. Patty Wilton, a Canadian missionary serving in UA w/her hubs Greg (& based in K’chuk & a member of / leader in NHC) came & visited w/Sunny & I, & we had a chance to talk about life in the church. It was nice to hear some good news re: changes going on inside NHC, & to hear about life from the inside. Pls pray 4 NHC: their clear strength is evangelism & ppl come to Christ in droves. But the subsequent discipleship, mentoring, rel’ship building & peer-ministry is not yet strongly developed. Pls pray for that to grow & for ppl to defy the closed nature that their culture dictates, seeking instead the open & trusting nature that the Holy Spirit dictates.

– after dinner, we had eve worship. I shared a brief testimony about grace & freedom from II Cor 6, then JH taught from Rom 5.18-19, about choosing to be aligned w/Adam and judged through him, or aligned w/Christ & judged thru Him. In God’s ctroom, who do we want to be covered by? It was a very effective sermon: an invitation to nonbelievers & a reminder to believers alike.

– before the sun totally set, we got in a couple games of volleyball & a dip in the river. Now, nighttime fellowship is happening in the dining hall, while us old ladies r turning in for the nite (truthfully, Sunny is working on her friendship bracelet, ha-ha!!!).

It was a pleasant, if damp, day. We determined @ the end of the day that the dampness sorta makes the potties grosser than normal… But we persist in making do. Har-har. Seriously, there r things that really challenge our comfy NY mindset. We count down the days to a return to the Western toilet. We’d love some spicy Korean jigae. We’d like to not have to wear flipflops to the shower.

But … Tonite: the girls said these words: “I don’t want to ever leave. If I could just have a toilet & an occasional shower, I’d want to stay here for a long long time.”. “Why?” I asked. “Because of the people. There is lots of love here.”. There is no rush to leave, and the realization that we only have 1 more nite here was devastating to the girls … And to us.

I praise God that He continues to grow His love b/w our 2 churches. And now, to see this rel’ship growing b/w our youth too … It’s really something special to witness. I wish you all were here to see it too.

Prayer requests:
– continued energy, sustenance, rest etc for Pr Sasha, JH, our team & our interpreters
– continued good communication b/w & from our interpreters & us
– for Rachel to be able to eat well & not succumb to her strong gag reflex
– for my left knee, injured again; it must know it’s in UA (and wait til u hear the STUPID way I hurt it!)
– for our team’s continued unity, & ability to work tog, support & sustain ea other, look out for ea other, trust ea other, build ea other up w/ our words & actions, be Christ for ea other
– for our last 2 days here: everything about them
– for continued physical, spiritual, emotional & mental protection …

Ahhhh, our trip is winding down. That kinda stinks, a lot. There r so many ppl we still want to talk with, convos we want to have, etc. Pls pray that the Lord would make time & opp for those things to yet happen. And, pls keep in prayer for our anticipated re-entry…

We miss u, we love u … Keep praying!!!

c. on behalf of U10


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