Update: B. & H. (Southeast Asia)

June 15, 2010

As of June 15, 2010 . . .

Dear friends,

We had blood tests done this morning and they showed that both of us have Dengue Fever, not just the flu.  Please pr for us!

In general B. is feeling sicker than H. , and has more symptoms of illness.  We both have fatigue, loss of appetite and various other symptoms, but for both the high fever has already gone down. The illness can be treated with rest, fluids and time.  You might remember that H. had dengue fever back in 2004 when we had just arrived in the country.

We’re very blessed to be in a community where we have an expat doctor and nurses as personal friends.  They are helping us monitor our health and get the right tests to make sure we are doing ok.  In addition, many friends have volunteered to babysit, have our kids over to their house, or buy groceries for us.

Our main pr request is that neither of us will get dehydrated, which can often happen with Dengue Fever.  Also, pray that [the kids] will not get Dengue (it is passed via mosquitoes who bite an infected person, then bite a healthy person).

We appreciate your prs and rely on them.


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