Update: S. & H. (Central Asia)

May 6, 2010

As of May 6 . . .

It’s been an eventful few weeks for us.  As many of you know, there was a revolution around here and while a number of protestors were shot in the capital city, our city has been relatively free of violence.  But now we are hearing talk of ethnic violence possibly erupting here, but so far it seems only to be rumors.  Despite these uncertainties, life and the work move forward with help from the Holy Spirit.  But please do continue to keep us in your prayers.

We have 9 students who are studying in [the Factory].  It’s been such an immense privilege to be a part of these student’s lives as they get trained to be future ‘m’s to other Central Asian countries.  They are eager and they are hungry to learn and grow.  I (S.) teach them on Wednesday mornings and my topic is to talk about heart matters as they go to other cultures as Central Asian ‘m’s.  I will cover topics like relationships, conflict resolution as well as inner healing issues.   So when you remember, please do lift up a prayer for these teaching times.

This training school is unique in that they will also be getting business training and interning at different Kingdom business in our city.  Most of the students want to learn about poultry and so are interning at our property.  It’s been great to teach them in a classroom setting but also to interact and disciple them on-the-job.  Please continue to pray for these students to grow and to be challenged in their faith during their time in our city.  And again pray for my teaching times on Wednesdays to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led.

Pray for these next weeks.  DB, who is the chicken and feed expert for [the business], will be going back to the U.S. for a few months starting on May 15.  On that same day, we have 3 different groups visiting us.  One is the senior pstr from our sending fellowship along with two other leaders.  The second is an IT team from a fellowship in [Illinois].  And the third is my mom along with my 2 siblings.  All told, we will have 13 people here during the week of May 17.  Then on the 19th of that week, 14,000 chicks will be distributed to the different buyers who had ordered them!  This week is going to push us to our limit.   Thankfully, my mom will be with us for two months to help us while DB is away.

As for the [business], we are steadily moving forward.  Like I mentioned, 14,000 chicks are almost three months old and will be ready to be placed in the different family farms around the region.  Just two weeks ago, we had another group of 15,000 chicks placed in a new house on our property designed specifically for chicks.  And most of these already have buyers.  So the demand is great and we are hoping for a great year in 2010.  But one thing still looms ahead of us in June.  We must make our final payment for our property.  [He] has come thru for us in amazing ways and we know that he will come thru for us again.  The amount is large – $100,000 – but we have faith that He will supply this need.  If you feel burdened to be a part of a Kingdom Business (also known as BAM) that is impacting the community for Christ, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [please see Catherine for the contact information]. 

Apologies for the long updates, but much has been happening here. We are so blessed by your prayers and your partnership.



PS. I forgot to mention that all donations are tax-deductible.


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