Update: David Song (Africa)

May 3, 2010

As of April 30 . . .  (in addition, you can follow David at his blog . . .)

I’m writing to you to share an idea to partner with me in my next visit to the US.  I’m planning a 2 week trip to the NYC area to do some fund raising personally and for the Ten Thousand Homes ministry.

Now, this email is in regards to my personal fund raising.  As many of you know, with the call to move to Cape Town and pursuing music and my role in becoming the first Advocate for Ten Thousand Homes in South Africa, the need to raise my monthly income is a must.   I also realize that many friends back home have never heard the songs I’ve written thus having a hard time in relating to my fund raising request to pursue this music side of my call.  That’s why I’ve prayerfully decided to perform to house concerts during my time home. 

Basically the house concert is an intimate time where friends and family gather so I can showcase the music I’ve written to generate more awareness and support for the call in pursuing music to the next level.  The theme of the show would “Desire”.  It’s something I’ve been studying, the last 6 months.  Some thoughts not that is that we all have desire (even the Father) and we’v been designed to desire, especially the best.  The “Desire” theme would encompass the music, slide show, decor, even the food, everything.  

Now I’m emailing you to see if you would be interested in supporting and co-laboring with me in this project.  I love to do things together, it’s more fun that way.  To come together and bring our different giftings and to throw them all on the same table and to see what God does…I love that!  So, the roles I’m asking you to consider are as follows….

1.) Host:  I’m in need of two homes to perform these projects.  The available dates would be from May 25th to June 6th.  Each concert would be one night and I’m thinking, off hand, that the night will run from 2 to 2.5 hours.  I’m thinking of one house concert in New Jersey and one in New York.  Again, I’m open to new ideas so if you’ve got some, please let me know!

2.) Refreshments:  I’m thinking finger foods and drinks (I’m ok with alcohol).  Again, i think there could be some creative fun to this, if any of you are interested in taking this on and pushing the limits of the desire, into the menu.  Let me know what you are thinking.

3.) Equipment: I’m in need of a PA system or just an acoustic guitar amplifier with two inputs (one for the guitar, another for a mic), a mic and mic stand.  All my gear is here in South Africa and would not be able to bring back my amplifier.  I am also looking to use a projector to display pictures during the songs.

4.) Decor: Now I’m sure that we’d have to communicate with the hosts about this, but I thought, simple decorations like flowers, fabric, xmas lights, candles,…the list can go on, would be fun to create a mood of warmth and again, desire. 

That’s it.  You know, in my study of Desire and God, there’s something profound that I came to understand.  In our design to desire the best, Satan is hell bent in convincing us to desire second best.  Everything is an imposture that’s short of the best. 

Ok, so if you could pray about this and reply by May 3rd, I’d greatly appreciate.  I need to know by the 3rd, cause there’s a lot of planning to do and the plans need to get moving.

Again, please know my heart.  I could pull something together, by myself and not bother anyone about this and be in full control.  In my experiences in life, I’ve found that the Father just loves it, when we come together and work together, giving more control to Him.  I believe the call on my life is not in a vacuum.  We are all connected as the the body.  So if you want to dream with me, lets do it.  If you have any questions, please email me soon. 

Waiting in Anticipation,


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