Update: D. & J. (China)

May 3, 2010

As of May 1 . . .

I’m currently at our Returnee retreat for the May 1st holiday weekend with Su Wen Feng as the speaker and have limited access to email (see picture below). 

For a quick update on the visas situation.  PTL! All our Beijing visas brother E, F, G, H, sister I and brother J passed.  It’s another story to tell how it all worked out as one of the brothers left his passport at home and all had to wait till the very last minute to get in. They were the last in line that day and got in just in the nick of time. When the visa officer interviewed brother G (SW elder), his question was “so I heard your church has had some problems recently”, which brother G answered “yes, we are still awaiting the keys”.  Apparently, SW is known among some of the US embassy staff.  All the other questions were very straight forward.  Another good news is that our key Shanghai brother C passed as well.

Unfortunately, we have some not so good news to share.  Brother K’s visa in Shen Yang was denied. Brother K is a key rural network leader from Anhui, but 2 others in his network who would be able to represent him.  Also two brothers from a Henan rural network related to the Heavenly Man have pulled out.  While we don’t know the real reason, but I suspect it is a time conflict with another Back to Jerusalem conference in Jerusalem sponsored by Thomas Wang.  While this could affect our original CP projections, our hope is to engage them when we return from NYC. 
*Pray for visas May 5th in Guangzhou US Consultate 7:30am.  Brother L and brother M from Xiamen will be applying.
*Pray for the remaining 5 brothers (N,O,P,Q,R) on May 13th in Shanghai 9:30am.  
 As the Lord has blessed us with half of our 2010 budget funding commitments and more than half of the visas, May 1st was a date of decision whether to move forward or not.  With the Lord opening doors with visas and funding by answering our prayers, it seems right to move forward with this Summer’s plans.  We thank the Lord for His provision in answering our prayers.


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