Update: D. & J. (China)

May 3, 2010

As of April 25 . . .

Pray for protection
As the New York and Capetown events are quickly approaching, we can sense that security is tightening.  While I can not include all the details, we would really covet your prayers for spiritual protection especially these next few days.

Pray for visas
Praise the Lord!  Brother D from Chengdu had his visa accepted and we believe Brother C from Shanghai has also been accepted as no news from him is good news.  Pray for tomorrow April 26th 3pm (Beijing time) as we have some of the key figures interviewing (6 in Beijing and 1 in Shenyang)
Beijing US Consulate:
Brother E – Senior P of SW.  He is probably the most influential urban leader in China.  Worshipped in the park.
Brother F – Associate P of SW.  He was the one who was detained at home (the Sunday Obama was in Beijing) while we sang songs awaiting for his release.
Brother G – Elder of SW.  He is my right-hand man, team leader and administrator for the group.  Without him, I’m toast.
Brother H – Senior P of Beijing Gospel.  He leads the largest urban group in Beijing.
Sister I – Senior P’s wife of Brother H.
Brother J – One of the Senior leaders of the same Henan network of brother B (mentioned previously in our prayer email)
Shenyang US Consulate:
Brother K – Head of one of the top Anhui networks that has groups all across China.
As you can see, these men have been given tremendous responsibilities and their influence and impact affect millions in China. Please remember that His strength will carry them in their daily walk with God.
Pray for Provision
PTL! We have around half of 2010 budget committed. Pray for the remaining amounts for this year and following as several foundations are preparing proposals to submit to their boards in May and June. God will always provide.


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