Update: D. & J. (China)

April 19, 2010

As of April 16th . . .

Dear all,
1.       Visas
  Yesterday, we received some bad news.  The US embassy in Beijing denied brother B’s visa application.  The US visa officer didn’t even bother to read the biography, recommendation and invitation letters I sent and so didn’t realize the importance of brother B.  From the world’s point of view, brother B does not look impressive.  He walks with a limp and looks quite humble.  As I said before, while we have many challenges ahead, our biggest obstacle is NOT the Chinese government.  While the Chinese government might see these men as potentially dangerous because of their spiritual movement impact, the US government can’t see why men of such humble backgrounds would be of any importance at all  If the visa officer had read carefully the documents before him, he would have realized that he was interviewing an  important Christian leader in China who oversees an enormous number of churches, comparable to the entire size of Boston.

    The good news is we have a God who oversees everything.  And because of our prayers, He listens and answers (thank you for praying!).  I don’t know if it was just purely divine intervention or not (I did shoot out a couple emails late last night to try to get the message to Washington), but brother B just called me this morning.  The US embassy called him this morning and approved his visa application (reversing his previous denial) on the phone.   Last night I was down, but this morning I’m a singing canary. PTL!  Two down (brother A and brother B) and 16 more visas to go.
Pray for brother C as his interview is on April 21st in Chengdu.  While brother C has been to the White House and has privately met with President Bush, that was the previous administration. 
2.       Provision
As I shared a few days ago, we had funding interest from foundations and churches, but no actual commitment.

As of last night, our China side funding for this Summer came in.  Others have expressed interest in funding after NYC.  This is very humbling.  Again I’m reminded of our founder’s words of wisdom  “God’s work done in His ways never lacks His supplies” J.H. Taylor
3.       Protection
Please be mindful of us as we are wrestling through pressure from those who want to bring 3Self into the world congress at Capetown in October.


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