Prayer Answered: D. & J. (China)

April 14, 2010

As of April 14 . . .

Dear all,

Here are some immediate answers to our prayers! 
1)       Pray for Visas!  Brother A’s visa was accepted this morning!  The story is amazing.  Brother A told me that he had heard from other foreigners in Shenyang that there was only one Christian in the Shenyang US Consulate office, an African American.  Guess who was arranged to interview brother A?  Praise the Lord for our African American brother whomever he is!  He asked Brother A some basic questions on Christianity.  Who was the mother of Jesus? Who was at the Last Supper? Where is your church located?

 One down, 17 to go. 
Pray for brother B as his interview will be on April 15th 12:30pm. 
2)       Pray for Provision:  We have a confirmed support response from a friend.  Three foundations and two churches are seriously preparing for a response within the next few days. 
3)       Pray for Protection:  So far no problems.
Thank you for your prayers!  Continue to pray for visas, provision and protection.


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